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  1. Elaine Callahan O.P. says:

    This is a valid email address

  2. Harry Ford says:

    nothing for several days?

  3. Ann(WOC) says:

    I am subscribed but I haven’t received the email for several days. Problem?

  4. Antonina F. Albino says:

    Thank You so much for the invitation to subscribe gratis!

  5. Mary says:

    Why does your subscription block insist that my email is invalid? I tried putting in two different email addresses and the block said both were incorrect!

  6. You site will not permit me to sign up, as I have a webtv, and it appears I cannot get by the”encriptioni”; however, I can read your publication and would like very much to subscribe.

    Could you add me to your list of subscribers?

    EMAIL ADDRESS: Rosalyn_CastleXXII@webtv.net (Dark Star)

  7. monk1ce says:

    Keep up your good work. (I can’t forward anymore; do you have a remedy?

  8. Margaret Hynes says:

    How do get off your list. I do not want to receive any more e-mails. I am extremely disappointed in your viewpoints. It appears to be very biased.

  9. Judy says:

    Remove me from this socialist trash IMMEDIATELY!

  10. Louise DuMont says:

    Ican’t find the OK either.

  11. Joe Clines says:

    How do I unsubscribe this e-mail address? I have already subscribed at another address.

  12. Jo Ann says:

    Please help me unsubscribe.

  13. Ann Glombowski says:

    I do not recieve this website anymore. I want to recieve this website. I want to be reinstated.

  14. Don Koza says:

    How do I UNSUBSCRIBE from your CathNewsUSA Newsletter? Your leadoff articles are way too left and anti-Church to suit me. Although you do have some good articles, in my opinion, I need to spend too much time hunting for them.

  15. c.zend says:

    I already get too much email, so
    I am not asking to subscribe to
    your site. I just want to know if you have ever heard of
    http://www.wftsradio.com which is much
    more traditional than yours. The
    two bishops of this group can
    trace their episcopal orders
    DIRECTLY back to one of the greatest of popes.

  16. anthony j peart says:

    The space bar for my “log in” details is not long enough and it will not allow me to subscribe.!!!!!

  17. Lately I cannot open the items in the Catholic News. Is there some reason why my computer no longer allows me to do that? Never had that problem before when I clicked on the items.
    Dorothy Thielk.

  18. Pat Carsley says:

    I would like to subscribe but I don’t see a place to press OK.

  19. Salvador Miranda says:

    Is CathNewsUSA still affiliated with the Paulists?

  20. FR TIM RYAN says:

    Good Stuff

  21. Peter C says:

    glad to have you back on line

  22. Fr. Page says:

    Good to see this news media back up and running and with us again! Welcome back and Blessings deLuxe

  23. info says:

    Thanks Gary. Looks like another bug in our system.

    Please send your details to cathnewsusa@gmail.com and we will do the rest – as well as trying to find a solution to this bug.


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