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CathNewsUSA is produced by a partnership of American and Australian Catholics committed the open reporting and discussion of issues and events of vital significance to Catholics in the United States.

It is the belief of the founders and editors of CathNewsUSA that American Catholics are among the most significant to the life of the Universal Church and that their voice and experience needs balanced, considered and mature reporting in the global medium offered by the world wide web.

The publication is guided by the customary and common ethics of journalism – that there will be fair, honest and accurate reporting and that individuals will not be impugned, demeaned or abused either in the reporting offered in daily editions or in the comments allowed to appear in response to these reports.

The founders and editors are convinced that the present time is a watershed in the cultural life of the Western World in general and in the life of the Catholic Church, locally in the United States and worldwide.

It is the belief of those guiding the foundation and life of CathNews USA that the catholicity of the Church will only be enhanced by the inclusiveness and honesty of the reporting and in the responses made to issues that matter in the Church today.



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  24. Carmel Therese Favazzo says:

    I have not received cathnewsusa on my desktop computer for a very long time (only on my cell phone). And I cannot find a phone number or email to contact someone. HELP!

  25. John Price says:

    There was an authoritative-looking article in Spanish about Pope Francis declaring the Virgin of Guadalupe to be a fraud perpetrated for the benefit of the Mexicans. I’ve been look for confirmation or denial of this, but not seen anything. Comment?

  26. Can you please include this in your news headlines? A children’s book of churches gets a newspaper write-up:

  27. Stella says:

    I have not received the CathNewsUSA via email for quite sometime. what has happened? I cannot find a phone number to call someone.

  28. Stella says:

    I get the CathNewsUSA Newsletter emailed for our university and I have not recieved it in a new days. Is there a problem? I have searched for a customer service phone number and cannot find one. thanks

  29. Fr Joseph T Nolan says:

    can you possibly locate and send me the feature of great immigrant churches in Chicao –
    ran a few days ago.

    Thanks. And cheers. jtn

  30. Jeff Olsenholler says:

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    US News

    US bishops: Possible Syria attack ’deeply troubling’
    U.S. BISHOPS PRAY BEFORE START OF SESSION AT THEIR ANNUAL FALL MEETING IN BALTIMORE (NCR Online) The main leadership group of U.S. Catholic bishops has called for the American government not to launch a military strike in Syria, saying the lack of international and domestic consensus on the matter is “deeply troubling.”

    Judge mulls releasing documents from clergy abuse lawsuit
    Priest-sex-abuse-via-Shutterstock-615×345 (Monterey Herald) A Monterey judge will review documents produced during a clergy abuse lawsuit against the Catholic Diocese of Monterey and one of its former priests to determine if he will release them to the news media.

    Vatican News

    Pope Francis visits a Syrian refugee family
    Pope Francis (Time) Pope Francis made a private visit to the Astalli refugee center in Rome on Tuesday, and, while meeting with several hundred refugees, singled out a Syrian family to listen to their story.

    International News

    Church leaders urge release of abducted Syrian bishops
    syrian bishops2 (Reuters) A group formed to foster ties between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches appealed on Monday for the release of two prominent Syrian bishops still missing after their abduction in Aleppo province in April.

    Quebec calls for ban on wearing symbols of faith
    photo_1378840286636-1-HD (NYT) Quebec’s separatist government released a plan on Tuesday to ban government workers — from judges to day care employees — from wearing “overt and conspicuous” religious symbols.

    Human rights, religious freedom called necessary to lasting peace
    20130214cnsbr13974-e1362627950360-1024×707 (CNS) Retired Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick of Washington, back from a recent trip to Jordan, said four essential elements to any long-range peace deal in the Middle East are human rights, religious freedom, an agreement on the Holy Land and forging a “path to peace.”


    Why is the Roman Catholic Church supporting immigration reform?
    20130914_blp504 (The Economist) In America Roman Catholic ears are ringing from sermons supporting immigration reform. On September 8th, just before politicians returned to Congress after their summer break, several Catholic bishops spoke in favour of a bill passed by the Senate in June which would provide a bridge to citizenship for the 11m people currently residing in America without legal authorisation to do so (and also proposes $46 billion for border security measures).

    10 ways to revitalize the Catholic Church
    Pope Francis waves as he leaves after leading the weekly audience in Saint Peter’s Square at the Vatican (Washington Post) Reform is afoot in the Vatican. Pope Francis has tightened the reins on the Vatican bank, worked through a grueling visit to Brazil, named a new secretary of state, and is now busy preparing for the October meeting of cardinals who will advise him on how to breathe new life into the Catholic Church.


    Mining is no savior for El Salvador, says Catholic Church
    0916-OCATHVIEW-SALVADOR_MINING-prayer_full_380 (The Christian Science Monitor) On a rainy Sunday night at the Santa Clara de Asis church, east of San Salvador, Friar Domingo Solis addresses 70 rapt parishioners, explaining why he believes mining is impossible here.

    Pope takes classic Renault for spin, leaves security in the dust
    In his July visit to Rio de Janeiro, Pope Francis rode in a simple silver Fiat as seen in this photo. Now, the papal vehicle fleet includes a 1984 Renault — a gift from an Italian priest. (CNS photo/Ueslei Marcelino, Reuters). (CNS) When an Italian priest handed Pope Francis the keys to his classic 30hp Renault 4, the pope got behind the wheel and took off, leaving security squirming behind, knowing full well this would be just the beginning of a pope truly on the move.

    Light of Love: An inside look into the lives of women religious
    imagine-sisters-1 (First Things) The Imagine Sisters Movement with Catholic Lighthouse Media, the Institute on Religious Life, Our Lady’s Rosary Makers, and the Laboure Society and created by Lumen Vere Media and Altius Studies premiered its Light of Love film last Sunday night, showcasing the lives of five women religious, their discernment, and their particular apostolate.

  31. Andrew says:

    Could you please stop running pictures of Pope Benedict XVI with stories about Pope Francis? This has happened twice in the last week.

    • Tony says:

      Andrew, welcome back, I agree with you, I didn’t want to see pictures of him when he was pope and I sure don’t want to see them now that he dropped out.

  32. Bob Peters says:

    Why are you continuing to use photos of Pope-Emeritis Benedict when Francis is Pope?

  33. Kristi Philip says:

    I love your page and read it regularly. I am an Episcopalian, but do know what the pope looks like. Why do you continue to run a photo of Pope Benedict with stories about Pope Francis?

  34. paula enderle says:

    I am delighted to get this kind of news. Thanks ever so much.

  35. Andrew says:

    The traditional Latin Mass, aka, the Tridentine or the Mass in the Extraordinary Form is something that we are blessed to see a resurrection of not just here in the U.S. but throughout the world. I’d like to share this thought provoking editorial video from the good people at Church Militant TV about how the Tridentine is growing rapidly in acceptance – among young people – and is changing the the face of the Church. Enjoy. http://www.churchmilitant.tv/daily/?today=2013-03-04

  36. We noticed that you have not featured the Holy Father’s mention of Dorothy Day, American Catholic and Co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement yesterday at his general audience. See our web site and Vatican Radio.

  37. Pat says:

    I really appreciate the service you are providing. But I’ve run into a glitch. Up until now I’ve been able to click on [more] to read the full story. It doesn’t appear as a link anymore; when I click on it, nothing happens. Help!

  38. Msgr. Andrew G. Varga says:

    I have subscribed to your service and for no reason that I can figure, the daily updates have ceased. When I try to resubscribe, my request is rejected. Why? HELP!!

  39. John Kerry is most definitely not a Mormon; he is a Catholic.

  40. ray mohrman says:

    i receive youe email headlines and enjoy them, however your recent headlines are all falling into the trap and calling it “the contraception controversy”. it is about “religious freedom” not contraception. broaden the issue and there will be more universal support thanks for listening

  41. S. Laura says:

    Anyone home? Two days now there has been no content behind your headlines.

  42. Maureen Sullivan says:

    I get the “headlines” for each story but no text???

  43. Carl says:

    Are you still providing “detail”to stories? Continuation, more detail, etc? I get a blank page. Click here for info about” ads…got me nowhere, no info, nada.

  44. Nick says:

    The only ‘extraction’ you are interested in, Troll, is the removal of people’s money from their wallets.


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