Archbishop Philip Tartaglia: Scottish lessons for the Church in the United States

(Crux) As an outsider, I look at the Church in the United States with a certain amount of envy. Compared to the United Kingdom, you’re stronger and more blessed than you probably know.

However, despite the distance between our two countries, we share many of the same challenges. So we need to understand and support each other for the sake of the people God puts in our care.

The realities we face in Scotland offer some lessons for the Church in America. Scottish Catholic history goes back a long way. It starts with the missions of St. Ninian to the Picts, an ancient Scottish people, in the fifth century. And it grew steadily into the vigorous faith of the High Middle Ages.

The medieval Catholic Church began the great Scottish universities at St. Andrew’s, at Glasgow, and at Aberdeen. Through the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, the Church was instrumental in confirming Scotland’s status as an independent sovereign state.

The Scottish Reformation changed the Church’s role dramatically. It completely suppressed the country’s Catholic religious and cultural patrimony. [More]