Naumann: ‘Pope Francis’s job isn’t to make a bishop’s life easier’

(Crux) Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City-Kansas has a reputation for being one of the most staunchly orthodox, doctrinally firm members of the American hierarchy, and he candidly concedes a maverick pontiff such as Pope Francis sometimes makes his life difficult.

“The pope’s given us a lot of teaching opportunities, I’ll say that!” Naumann said, laughing.

“He’s comfortable with more ambiguity than previous popes. He wants more of a dialogue on these issues, but he is also clear that he hasn’t changed any teaching.”

Naumann added in joking fashion, “I’ve heard individuals say that [Francis] shouldn’t give interviews above a certain altitude, because it seems like he creates teaching moments for us at that point!” referring to the pope’s in-flight news conferences at the end of foreign trips.

“For those of us who are charged with teaching and preserving the truth, which is part of his role and our role as bishops, I think he’s in some ways made it more complicated,” Naumann said.

Then, however, he delivered the money quote: “But maybe his job isn’t necessarily to make our life easy.” [More]