Medjugorje report leads Church into uncharted territory, says commission member

(CNS) If the Catholic Church recognizes as “worthy of belief” only the initial alleged apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje, it would be the first time the Church distinguished between phases of a single event, a theological expert in Mariology has said.

Fr Salvatore Perrella, president of the Pontifical Institute Marianum and a member of the commission that Benedict XVI established to study the Medjugorje case, said that although Pope Francis has not yet made a formal pronouncement on the presumed apparitions, “he thought it was a good idea to clear some of the fog.”

The Pope’s remarks to journalists on his flight from Portugal to Rome “were a surprise, but he told the truth,” Fr Perrella told Catholic News Service. “For four years, the commission established by Pope Benedict investigated, interrogated, listened, studied and debated this phenomenon of the presumed apparitions of Mary” in a small town in Bosnia-Herzegovina. [More]


CNS/Catholic Herald