Cardinal Tobin calls for immigration reform

(NCR Online) Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark said he led a rally in support of Mexican immigrant Catalino Guerrero, who was threatened with possible deportation in March, because as a Christian he believes that “God has shared his solidarity with every human situation” through the example of Jesus.

Standing with those threatened with deportation “puts a face on people who are frequently dehumanized,” he told hundreds of Catholic journalists and media professionals gathered for the annual World Communications Day sponsored by the Diocese of Brooklyn’s De Sales Media Group May 17.

Tobin, a member of the Redemptorist community who was named Newark cardinal by Pope Francis last November, criticized media portrayals of immigrants that exploit “fear-based news” which highlights violent criminals.

“Fear cannot have the final word,” he said.

Tobin criticized President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress, who he said have the power to enact an immigration reform that would provide a path for citizenship for people like Guerrero, a 59-year-old father of four and grandfather of four. He is a resident of Union City, New Jersey, and has diabetes. [More]


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