UN accredits Christian Solidarity Worldwide despite protests

(AP) One of the U.N.’S main bodies voted Wednesday to grant accreditation to a British-based group that promotes religious freedom, overriding a U.N. committee that had deferred action on the matter for years.

Britain had argued that the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, which decides what groups can participate in U.N. activities, is biased against human rights groups.

The 54-member Economic and Social Council voted 28-9 with 12 abstentions to approve consultative status for Christian Solidarity Worldwide, giving the group the right to attend open meetings and conferences at the Geneva-based Human Rights Council and other U.N. bodies.

The organization had applied for U.N. accreditation in 2009, but its application was repeatedly deferred by the 19-member accreditation committee. After the committee voted in February to again defer action, Britain launched a campaign to get the council to overturn the decision and accredit the group. [More]