French presidential hopeful slams Pope Francis for welcoming migrants

(NCR Online) France’s National Front presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, slammed Pope Francis for welcoming migrants and attacked the Catholic Church for meddling in French politics.

With just over a week to critical national elections, the far-right candidate said April 14 she was “extremely religious” but “angry” with the church for getting involved in matters over which it had no concern.

In an interview with the Catholic daily La Croix, Le Pen, whose campaign is based on a forthright anti-immigrant and protectionist platform, openly attacked the pope’s views on migrants.

“The fact that he appeals for charity, for welcoming others, foreigners, does not shock me,” Le Pen said. “But charity should only be personal.”

If states go against the interests of their own people by welcoming migrants it raises questions of “interference,” she said. [More]


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