Montana bill to end death penalty is tabled

(NCR Online) An earlier-than-expected vote of the Montana House Judiciary Committee on Feb. 10 has tabled a bill to end the death penalty.

The committee vote on House Bill No. 366 (“Abolish death penalty and replace with life without parole”) was not expected until the week of Feb. 13, according to Matthew Brower, director of the Montana Catholic Conference. The vote was 9 in favor, 10 against.

However, Brower said the coalition supporting HB 366 “is not giving up.”

“We are not waving the white flag,” he continued. “We are working on a path forward, looking at options, having conversations to see what is possible going forward. We’ll see how this all plays out.”

In Montana there is a procedure — called a “blast motion” — that can bring a bill to the House floor without passage out of committee. Generally that requires more than a simple majority vote. [More]


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