Vatican flags stolen from church ahead of Pope’s visit

(NY Post) The Vatican flag at St. Agnes Church in Midtown has been stolen twice since last week.

“The papal flag was very special to the parishioners. They loved it. There are a lot of heartbroken parishioners right now,’’ said a worker at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street near Third Avenue.

The first of the stolen flags, which the church had purchased ahead of Pope Francis’ visit, was swiped from a 12-foot pole Thursday, the same day it was put up, sources said.

The church then ordered another and put it up the same day it arrived, Monday — only to discover it stolen by Tuesday morning. The church’s American flag also was swiped during the second theft, said the worker at St. Agnes, where police were dusting for fingerprints Tuesday.

“It’s disgraceful, just disgraceful,” another church worker said.

An elderly woman who was in the church said, “How could someone do that?”


The New York Post