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26 women in affairs with priests plead to Pope Francis to end Catholic Church’s celibacy vow


POPEF-300x180(NY Daily News) A group of 26 Italian women – all claiming to be in affairs with priests – have written to Pope Francis pleading with him to end the Catholic Church’s celibacy vow.

The women said that there were many more like them who were “living in silence.”

“We love these men, they love us, and in most cases, despite all efforts to renounce it, one cannot manage to give up such a solid and beautiful bond,” they wrote in a joint letter.

They added that “very little is known about the devastating suffering of a woman who is deeply in love with a priest”.

The women met through Facebook, reports the Telegraph.

Some 6,000 former priests in Italy have left the church so they can marry.


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  1. Fr. James Dallen says:

    A quibble about words: Diocesan priests take no vows, though members of religious orders do. Diocesan clergy acknowledge, before ordination as deacons, the Church’s law requiring celibacy and agree to obey it. Some theologians have regarded this as equivalent to the vow made by religious, but religious commit to poverty, celibacy, and obedience for their own sake, while diocesan priests accept the discipline in order to be ordained.

  2. tony benson says:

    I say no to priest getting married

  3. Bart says:

    Jesus was celibate. Is Jesus ridiculous?

    • Recovered Catholic says:

      According to church teaching, Jesus was both “divine” and “human.” Priests aren’t and shouldn’t be held up to ridiculous rules of chastity.

      • Bart says:

        No but they are called to be other Christs.
        Celibacy is a gift to give oneself freely.
        Marriage is a Sacrament that gives grace.
        Marriage calls one to be faithful to ones spouse forsaking all others. is that good or ridiculous.
        The western church has had, has and will have many men with the grace of God living and celibate and chaste life witnessing to the world.

        • Recovered Catholic says:

          Priests can’t handle chastity, Bart; they are not “divine”. Celibacy just means remaining single and is hardly a “gift” but means for a variety of reasons, you’re not marriageable.

  4. GEOFF KIERNAN says:

    To recovered Catholic:
    I don’t think you have recovered as much as you think you have

  5. Bart says:

    Scripture says the Priest must be married once. These illicit relationships do not fit scripture.
    The Western Church like the Eastern Church may ordain married men to the priesthood. What is happening above in the article is contrary to the living church.
    Sorry Priests and women you had full knowledge of celibacy prior to your ordination. This is why the church gives at least six years of education to take time for your decision.
    A change to ordain married men to the priesthood absolutely yes, a change to ordain fornicators no.

  6. Joseph Peter Fennimore says:

    Putting aside whether or not living a life of celebacy increases one’s capacity to live a life in the service of Christ in accordance with the gospels, how might we address this? Such priests did, in fact, take a vow of celebacy. Fair enough? Ok, and they have broken these vows. What should be the consequence of a priest breaking his vows? (putting aside whichever vows have been broken). Also, I wonder if these women and their priestly lovers intend on ending their relationships with one another if their shared request is denied. If not, then why ask in the first place?

    Perhaps a circumstance for comparisson might help us:

    26 women who are having affairs with married men have petitioned the pope to expand marriage to polygamous unions, saying “We love these men and they love us. They added that “very little is known about the devastating suffering of a woman who is deeply in love with a married man”. Some 6,000 married men in the catholic church have converted to mormonism, so they may take more than one wife.

    In the spirit of fairness, would it be reasonable to respond to these in similar fashion? Does this comparisson seem fair? If not, why not – and how do they depart from one another? They seem like like cases.

  7. Eileen Kovatch says:

    A stroke of the pen doesn’t appear to be Pope Francis style. He is much more collegial and would not dictate but rather seek concensus.

  8. Recovered Catholic says:

    At a time when the ranks of the Catholic priesthood are so thin, kicking out heterosexual priests for falling in love with a woman, while homosexual priests have sexual affairs with men left and right and remain in, not only the lower echelons of the priesthood, but even in the uppermost positions of authority in the hierarchy defies logic!!

    Change this ridiculous celibacy discipline now, Pope Francis. All it would take is a stroke of your pen.

    • Sarah says:

      I totally agree with you Recovered Catholic.. There is nothing Scriptural about a man being celibate. GOD said to become fruitful and multiply. Celibacy is a man made law.

      • Kay says:

        Actually it’s not man-made.
        It is Christ-made. Please read Mathew 19: 10-12.
        Celibacy is not natural. It is supernatural and it is not for everyone. It us pure gift. As Christ said in the quoted verse: “let he who can accept it, accept it.”
        May God help us all, amen.

    • Kay says:

      Changing celibacy is not wise. It is denying an option which Christ himself gave and lived by: See Mathew 19:10-12. Instead, might be better if another tier of priesthood was added for married priests. That is in addition to – not in place of – celibate priests.


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