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‘Troublemaker’ pope reshaping church, but drawing some skepticism


20131211cnsbr3083-1024x639(CNS) — As early on as it is for the pontificate of Pope Francis, his statements and actions already have given guidance for how simple changes can improve the world, said panelists at Georgetown University.

In the latest in a series of conversations hosted by the Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life Feb. 3, two journalists and an expert on church management considered the effect of the “Francis factor” on politics and public policy. [more]




  1. Stef says:

    I know most won’t believe me, but after what I have been through, the church and its princes have almost killed me. The church and its princes are fakes. Just try being abused and finding full restoration through that church and its representatives that abused you; then you will understand what I mean. And they wonder why people become atheists and anti-Catholic. Well, I;m becoming both because the church I once deeply loved and believed in has totally abandoned me and my family to a life of poverty and hardship when I have presented them with so many chances and ways to not let that happen. It’s all a farce. If only people knew the reality of some of the church’s leader’s lives and how they operate. But, as I said, you have to have been through this to believe it. Meanwhile, the multitudes will go on believing in the mask.

  2. Eileen Kovatch says:

    Let’s hear it for the “trouble maker”! He has a lot of house cleaning to do but I for one support and trust him as a true man of God.

    • Michael Joseph Francisconi says:

      It is the trouble makers who both keep us honest and keep up the good fight for a humane planet.

      • Ann (WOC) says:

        God bless the troublemakers for they shall help bring about the kingdom of God. I wish I were a better one; I have many friends who are excellent ones — some men and many good women. Don’t forget the old woman of the parable who hounded the judge until she got justice. Jesus spoke of her approvingly. Again, blessed are the troublemakers for they shall see the kingdom of God.


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