Pope Francis baptizes child of unmarried couple

(Catholic Online) The pope previously has encouraged priests to baptize the children of unmarried women in order to pass on the Christian faith. He has denounced those who refuse to do as “hypocrites.”

“You parents have the baby boy or girl to be baptized, but in a few years it will be they who will have a baby to be baptized or a grandchild… And so goes the chain of faith,” the pope declared, according to the Vatican Network.

“What does this mean? I would just tell you this: you are the ones that transmit the faith, the transmitters; you have a duty to pass on the faith to these children. It’s the most beautiful legacy that you leave to them: the faith.”

Breaking with the tradition of delivering a long and formal speech, Pope Francis instead read a short script he had written himself.

The mass took place under the famous fresco painted by Michelangelo, the same room in which Francis was elected on March 13 as the first non-European pope in 1,600 years.

The pontiff telephoned an Italian woman in September to tell her he would personally baptize her child after she became pregnant by a man who was already married. Thirty-five year old shop worker Anna Romano was on holiday when she received the call from the Argentinean Pope. [More]


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