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The Working Poor at Wal-Mart

The Working Poor at Wal-Mart  


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walmartI know that this story has gone viral: A well-intentioned manager at a Wal-Mart set up a box for donations in an employee lounge so that the store’s associates – that would be their employees – who are too poor to afford Thanksgiving dinner can get some help from their co-workers. Wal-Mart’s employees are paid so little, and receive no benefits, that they might not be able to afford Thanksgiving. The next time some right-wing critic of the Affordable Care Act dismisses the need for affordable health insurance for millions of America’s working poor, remember that if you can’t afford a turkey, you probably can’t afford health insurance. [more]




  1. Deacon Bernie says:

    My plan would be to encourage private industry to create new employment opportunities that would reduce the number of people who would work for Walmart’s wages. In other words, invent a better mouse-trap. Give Walmart competition in a way that sweat shop operations in other parts of the world won’t protect Walmart.

  2. Recovering Catholic says:

    Raising the minimum wage doesn’t solve anything. The cost of living then goes up across the board for everything, and the low wage earners are in exactly the same place they were before, if not worse off.//

    What would give the low wage earners a hand up would be for companies like Wal-Mart who exploit workers to start paying them a livable wage on their own with decent benefits. Wal-Mart could stop importing all their goods from sweat shops overseas and buy from local manufacturers in the U.S. Sure, their prices would go up and their profits would decline, but that would be the “Christian” way to treat their employees.//

    If everyone just stopped shopping at stores like Wal-Mart, who exploit their workers like slave labor, and take their business elsewhere, Wal-Mart would get the message. Unfortunately, the low income people who must shop at the cheapest stores would bury their heads in the sand and continue shopping at these stores who exploit because they can’t afford to shop at stores that charge higher prices. It’s a real catch-22! But those consumers who “can” afford to pay a little more at stores that don’t exploit their workers must do so if they consider themselves “Christians.”

    • Ann (WOC) says:

      It is a catch 22 with Wal Mart being valued at 100 billion. They are destroying the socio-economic fabric of the US. Hopefully Amazon with give them real competiton. It trust a Jeff Bezos over a family with little imagination as to how to use their wealth and less morality regarding the treatment of their employees.


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