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Pope Benedict XVI is very ill say close friends and clergy members based in Rome


swf+Pope+Benedict(Irish Central) Pope Benedict is in very poor physical condition and may not have long to live, reports say.

“Benedict is in a very bad way,” said Paloma Gomez Borrero, a veteran Vatican correspondent for Spain’s Telecinco television network who met the former pope recently. “We won’t have him with us much longer.”

Benedict is now living in a monastery in the Vatican near where he once reigned. But he is fading fast say friends.

Cardinal Joachim Meisner, the Archbishop of Cologne, Germany, and a close personal friendĀ  visited the former pope recently.

“I was shocked at how thin he had become,” Meisner said at the time. “Mentally, he is quite fit, his old self. But he had halved in size.”

Vatican officials have admitted Benedict has become weaker but have denied he is dying. [more]


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  1. Florian says:

    In a sense, Benedict already belongs to eternity even though he is still alive. The church is no longer his to rule. As he awaits the end of his days, he submits himself to a merciful and loving Judge who judges all, be they pope or peasant. saint or sinner. This is the way the world ends — not with a bang, but with a whimper. Geh mit Gott, Benedikt!

  2. Ann (WOC) says:

    Unfortunately Tony, some respond to your posts as if you are attacking the pope personally. Your observations on his pontificate are in line with any historical appraisal. His time as pope set the church back in many ways (generally agreed upon); his limitations affected the church and relics like the latinization of the mass will unfortunately be with us long after his passing. His bending over backwards to include the regressive traditionalists is particularly damaging, and irksome. It is the bending to the traditionalists that seems to receive the most support of those who attack your statements. I agree with your assessment and those who would attack your comments add little in the way of helpful analysis of Benedict’s “reign.”

  3. Lojza says:

    Tony, I have sinned against you. My vicious remarks were totally against the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel of St. Matthew. I have insulted you and called you names. For this I am very sorry. I do not apologize for defending Pope Benedict XVI, but I must always do it in a charitable way. I am very serious about this apology. It is not a joke. Thanks for understanding.

  4. Lojza says:

    Tony, you are a real horses rear! Pope Benedict did not in any way “disservice” the church. He has done more for the education and holiness of Holy Mother the Church than you ever did with your rediculous blogs. May God forgive you for being a typical liberal whose main goal is to deconstruct the church into your own image and likeness. Sorry for being mean spirited but I can’t stand your self-righteous attitude. God Bless You!

  5. Pope Benedict you have taught us about Christ is a very logical way. You did a good job and you have pierced the conscience of many and that is why they criticize you. You have been and are a great teacher. I pray to Good St. Joseph your heavenly patron that when the time appointed by God comes that your death will be good. I will remember your intentions at my Masses that I offer and my prayers. May Our Lady of Bavaria watch over you Her Faithful and Loving Son. I was blessed to be at three of your public audiences and saw you last October at the Canonization of St. Kateri and St. Marianne Cope. God keep you in the Palm of His Hand.

  6. Tony says:

    Benedict’s Pontificate was a great disservice to our church, his inability to handle the difficulties revealed in the Vatileaks is but one example of his failed leadership. His bending over backwards to appease the Traditionalists, who can never be satisfied, has caused a great liturgical division in our church.
    The best thing he did as pope was to have resigned which was a recognition his his lack of vision and ability to lead a modern Church.
    May God forgive his failures and welcome him.

    • Andrew says:

      Tony, please show this servant of God some respect during his final days and don’t comment further. Everyone who reads your daily posts knows how you feel about the holy father emeritus. It’s not nice to throw stones at a dying man of God.

      • Larry Perssiko says:

        With every breath we take we are all getting closer to death Andrew, and you certainly don’t have a problem throwing stones at anyone.

    • leatherhead says:

      Tony as by now you will know I totally disagree with every thing you say about Pope Benedict. I believe he was one of the greats Popes of modern Times. He was not without faults but then which of us are?

  7. Andrew says:

    God Bless Pope Benedict XVI. He served us well and our prayers are with him during these final years.


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