A New Voice for U.S. Bishops & Women in the Catholic Church

(Patheos) After Jorge Cardinal Bergolio was elected pope, on the morning of his installation Mass, Timothy Cardinal Dolan passed right by me as I was doing an interview with the NET-TV outside St. Peter’s Basilica, on his way up to an interview with The Today Show. In his interview, Cardinal Dolan talked with enthusiasm and gratitude for Pope Francis and his early words as pontiff.

(NET-TV is a project of the Diocese of Brooklyn, now famous for its Jesus “Hipster” ad.)

Cardinal Dolan reflected on the pope’s first homily in the Square outside St. Peter’s, and in response to a question and concerns about women in the Church raised in a prior Today segment, the cardinal of New York said of Pope Francis: “He’s got to unleash the energy that was given us by Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I wonder if he’s given us a new interpretive key in his homily.”

Pope Francis, he recalled, “spoke of tender love, tender love. Now women are pros when it comes to tender love.” [more]