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Vatican murmurs about Mahony’s attendance at papal conclave


Cardinal Roger Mahony(LA Times) A senior Vatican official called Cardinal Roger Mahony‘s participation in the selection of the next pope “troubling,” but said there was no formal procedure to stop the retired Los Angeles archbishop from attending the conclave next month.

The remarks by Cardinal Velasio De Paolis added to a growing murmur about the propriety of Mahony’s decision to attend the conclave. Mahony recently was rebuked by his successor, Archbishop Jose Gomez, for his handling of sexual abuse cases, although Gomez also has expressed support for Mahony’s role in the papal conclave. But several Vatican officials have appeared to raise questions about it,  without actually saying that Mahony should not take part.

As a cardinal younger than 80, Mahony is entitled to vote for the man who will succeed Pope Benedict XVI, who recently announced his retirement.

In other realms, the comments by De Paolis might be considered innocuous, but the meaning of comments from the Vatican is often found between the lines.

In an interview with the daily La Repubblica, De Paolis, the former head of the Vatican’s Prefecture for Economic Affairs and the man tasked with reforming the disgraced Legionaries of Christ, said “it will be up to [Mahony’s] conscience to decide whether to take part or not.”

“Cardinal Mahony has the right and duty to take part,” he said. “This is a troubling situation but the rules must be followed.” [more]

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  1. survivor healing says:

    the Catholic Corporation that calls itself a CHURCH is NOT interested in TRUTH or HONESTY or INTEGRATIY or COMPASION unless they can make MONEY off it. When it comes the the MONEY that is the Primary Intrest. It is all Smoke and Screens. Where is the dedication to THE GREATER GOOD OF THE WHOLE ATTITUDE? Where is the Love in denial of those they harmed and continued to re-victimize? The whole thing is SHAMEFUL , Next the Catholic Corporation will head to less developed countries to do it all over again.. SHAMEFUL!

  2. jambo says:


  3. Ann says:

    Does anyone know if there are other cardinals in Mahoney’s situation? If so, there should be consistency relative to who is asked not to attend. (Cardinal Law cannot vote because he is over 80.)

    • Ann says:

      According to the documentary, “Mea Maxima Culpa,” when Cardinal Dolan was bishop of Milwaukee, he removed money (c. 5 million?) from the funds that were to go to compensate abuse victims (among whom were the deaf children) and placed the money in the church’s cemetary fund, declaring the fund for abuse victims bankrupt, saving the church a lot of money, and garnering Benedict’s approval. This sleight of hand has received little notice. Isn’t there injustice in this gesture as well?

      • Tony says:

        Ann, TOTALLY UNJUST…I wonder why this is hushed up?

        • survivor healing says:

          the whole thing has been hushed up to FOOL the people .. To make them believe the CHURCH instead of their own EYES .. I was beaten, Slaped , And denied compasion when I told that I was Molested and raped at the ages of 7, 8 9 yrs old dragged out of my class room and into the rectory , No one in the Catholic Corporation helped me or my family even tho they Knowingly allowed Fr. George Nevill Rucker to continue to Rape me after he already Raped my older sister. When seeking help I was further re-vicitmized. But you will not hear that story int he Media , You will not hear that the priest used the Sacraments of the Mass to Rape children You will not hear in the Media that they Scratched little cross’s in our tiny chests and used the 1st communion to steal our virginity, You will not hear they drugged us and gave us drinks that were laced with something and that the Nuns Knew about it or that the POLICE did nothing because they too are Catholic . You will not hear that Cardinal Mahony in fact is a SOCIAL WORKER and the CATHOLIC SOICAL services was used to Take the son of a VICTIM during litigation against the LA Archdioces ,and Adopt the child out just 5 months before setteling , and that the VICITM was threatened to drop the case or she would lose her child, You will not hear the POPE or the PRIEST offer to assist to RIGHT the WRONGS they have done.

  4. Recovering Catholic says:

    I’m sorry, but Cardinal Mahony should have grown some b…..lls and taken the matter into his own hands if the Chief Inquisitor at the Vatican, Joseph Ratzinger, didn’t move on this. Mahony’s first “sacred duty” was to the welfare of the children who were allegedly being molested in his diocese. A “responsible” person does what he has to do to just get the guy out of contact with children!! When molestation allegations of this kind are brought to the attention of the bishop, the priest in question MUST immediately be plucked out of his position and put somewhere else where he will have no contact with children until the accusation(s) are gotten to the bottom of. All Mahony does is look for someone else to put the blame on. How about taking some personal responsibility, Mahony!

  5. John says:

    That mark of ashes on Cardinal Mahoney’s forehead should have been in the form of an “H” for “hypocrite.”

  6. Tony says:

    Every bishop, who has participated in covering up the sex abuse scandal, and sending priests to other parishes where fresh victims were availale should be put in jail. Starting with Cardinal Law, ending with Mahoney and including Finn.

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      And might I add, so should have any cardinals who were knee deep in the Vatican banking scandal (e.g., Cardinal Cody), who got away scot free with a cushy job in Rome.

  7. Siena says:

    Men of Courage, All! NOT!!!!!

  8. Joanna says:

    For a different aspect:
    I still question, as I did in a previous comment that was removed from this site, why Cardinal Mahoney was subjected to a public rebuke, while Cardinal Law was given a nice job at the Vatican.

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      Maybe because, taking it upon himself, a bishop publically rebuked Cardinal Mahoney, while the pope gave Cardinal Law the cushy job at the Vatican?

  9. Seeker of Truth says:


  10. Recovering Catholic says:

    So Mahoney believes it is his “sacred duty” to participate in the conclave. What about his “sacred duty” in protecting all of those children who were sexually abused by priests under his control? And what about his “sacred duty” to truth when he was instrumental in “covering up” the abuse of all those innocent minors?


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