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Retired TV nun Mother Angelica ‘doing well,’ still revered worldwide


12241866-large(Alabama.com) Viewers watching EWTN Global Catholic Network for the first time might be tickled by the sight of a grandmotherly nun dishing out quips and biblical advice.

Mother Angelica, who founded EWTN in the garage of the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Irondale in 1981, has been a mainstay on the network throughout its history. But the “Mother Angelica Live!” programs now airing were taped years ago.

The taped shows, several hundred of them, still air regularly on the network as ”Mother Angelica Classics.”

She hasn’t hosted any TV shows since a stroke rendered her mostly incapable of speech.

She suffered her second major stroke on Christmas Eve 2001. That left her with partial paralysis and impaired speech.

“She’s actually doing well; she’s in great spirits,” said EWTN President Michael Warsaw. “She continues to be bedridden. She’s hanging in there. She’s tough.” [more]





  1. Mother Angelica, I have been blessed by the many lessons I have heard, along with your since of humor. Thank you for your faithful walk. I enjoyed praying the Rosary with you and the Nuns.

  2. susan bogan says:

    dear mother angelica how are you you well I am happy you doing fine I learn a lot from you because I lean the holy rosary thank you I watch you show every day so by for now hope you feel better you are in my prayer

  3. Patrick says:

    I say this only for myself…She’s not Mother ANGELICA, She’s mother DEMONICA.

    • James says:

      Who are you to judge? How many Protestants have you brought into the Catholic Church? How many young women and men have you inspired to seek a vocation? How much time do you spend every day teaching people how to pray the rosary and learn from the Saints? Again Mr. Patrick, who are you to judge?

    • Claudia Miller says:

      Patrick, I feel so sorry for you. Unless you repent of the evil, hateful attitude against Mother, you are doomed to hell.
      She is a saint so she won’t be there.

  4. Marie says:

    “Satan go and do the will of our Lord Jesus Christ and stop your insults”…

  5. hcm says:

    Jealossssss hallloooo. Lol.
    Go build your own station plss. I m sure Satan will watch yours,hahagpha

  6. Gricelda Storto says:

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  7. tradman says:

    For those of you who are making these comments against her obviously have not followed along with her on her journey. She was and is obedient to the magisterium.
    Her vow of poverty was for herself and she only added to God’s kingdom through selfless service. The Bishop’s she clashed with many are going out in disgrace such as Mahoney. So I don’t know where you think we would be without her but obviously you are where you belong. Unhappy and unfulfilled wanting to blame your misery on an elderly nun trying to do the will of God. She fought to wear a full habit at a time most Catholics won’t even make the sign of the cross before praying in public, if they pray at all. As far as the priests that have fallen, I guess you think they should all be immune to temptation? Why don’t you all just try Billy Jim Bobs church of whatever? They will accept you and may even let you jump up and do some preaching.

    • Larry Perssiko says:

      This woman came from scum in Ohio, there were members of her family that would have been considered to be mafia. She used to brag about running a roulette wheel in her uncles gambling joint and laughing about how she screwed the fools out of their money by stopping the wheel from behind. This is why I love to call the sacks who love to follow her as zombies…..it is the only word that fits so well.

      • Gemma says:

        A tree is known by its fruit. How many people have converted because of her? Even a person who intended to commit suicide changed her mind and live. How can you judge her based upon her family background (which I don’t know)

      • phil says:

        Sounds a lot like St. Paul’s background.

      • Claudia Miller says:

        We all have a “history” and not all good. She repented of her past and was absolved. What about you?

    • Hochiminh Lol says:

      Wow, look how others are jealous of mother Angelica. Look at yourself, what have u done for mankind? Sadddd.

  8. Concerned says:

    Yes shhe has has fostered many tainted “vocations” of those who were deceitful, arrogant, liars, egotistical and looking for fame and glory. She disobeyed many Bishops. She spread false rumors, allowed her pride to dictate what she often spoke about, lead people astray, lived a life of luxury in spite of vows of poverty, was known for a filthy mouth, anger and ridicule. Quite a legacy she will be leaving.

  9. Andrew says:

    God Bless Mother Angelica! She is still, even her current state of suffering, one of the most effective evangelists of our time. All of us have a calling but few of us have the grace to fully embrace that calling and see it through fruition. Mother’s calling was to not only form the first Catholic cable network but to form it in the heart of Protestant country. And, she did just that. Protestants in Alabama not only help build her monastery and cable networks office but also donated some were so moved, they converted. Thanks to Mother Angelica, millions who were previously uneducated and ignorant of the Catholic Church now know the truth. For the home bound, sick and others who for whatever reason, can’t get out, EWTN is there for the Rosary, Chaplets If St. Michael and the Divine Mercy. Mass is broadcast daily. Inspiring shows like the Journey Home are there to gently persuade people to come home to the Church. Eucharistic Adoration is something else that EWTN has been very effective is getting across to the masses. In fact, the Holy Angels monastery there is a national place of pilgrimage. God Bless Mother Angelica, her sisters and all the devout religious and lay people who through the grace of God have brought EWTN into our world.

    • Tony says:

      Mother Angelica operated one of the most theolgically divise outlets in the Church. I remember in one of her rants she actually said, “you liberals get out of my church.”
      She set herself up as a little pope who had all the answers and was followed by myopic people.
      The USCCB should shut the station down.

      • Andrew says:

        If she said that then good for her! Mother Angelica is a defender of the Catholic Church and that’s why she’s so popular with so many people: Catholic and non-Catholic alike. It speaks volumes that the Poor Clare’s of Perpetual Adoration are growing with vocations. Compare that to the feminists in the LCWR who are dying out. Long live Mother Angelica and EWTN!

        • Tony says:

          As a matter of fact the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration have a high turn over rate. They just don’t stay.
          Look at all the former priests on the station like Fr Ken Roberts, Monsignor Clarke, Fr. Eutenhauer, Fr. John Corpi not the best record for priests.
          The station is tainted.

          • Andrew says:

            Tony, you provide no data supporting your theory that the Poor Clare’s have a high turnover. Whatever turnover they have though is irrelevant. They HAVE vocations and that’s something that we don’t see in the orders that have turned feminist. Also you cite four priests who didn’t in your opinion bear good fruit. Name one organization in this workd without a sinner. Even St. Paul in yesterday’s second reading never forgave himself for his sins prior to his conversion but look what he accomplished. It’s amazing but sadly not surprising that you’re so hostile to Mother Angelica and EWTN which has done the job (evangelicize) that the liberals you adore chose not to.

            • Concerned says:

              Andrew, what is not surprising is that you will hold anyone in high esteem who adheres to your your own ideological bent. You dismiss the wrong doings of those who want to take us back and defend their actions while condemning everyone, in spite of any good that they may doing, who thinks contrary to you. If Mother Angelica or Pope Benedict cam eout tomorrow and said that priests can marry, Latin is dead, womaen can be ordained priests or said anything else that would be contrary to your ideas, their “saintly” status would be flushed down the toilet. The four priests that were mentioned did not bear good fruit. They were self-serving, not God-serving. Mother Angelica was often disobedient to Bishops – but that is okay with you becasue she professed your way of thinking. Let someone who thinks contray be disobedient to a bishop in the slightest and you want them thrown out of the Church. Isn’t that just about one of the clearest examples of hypocrisy that one can get!!!!!!!!

              • Andrew says:

                Yes concerned… If Mother or Pope Benedict came out tomorrow in favor of things against Church teaching, I would no longer be supportive. You progressives need to stop hoping that the Catholic Church will evolve into some utopia like a chapter in some silly Darwin novel about evolution. The Catholic Church is THE Church if God and it does not change to suit the worlds pleasures!

                • Concerned says:

                  Nor does the Church of God stand still because people like you are more comfortable with stagnation than you can ever be with growth.

                • Tony says:

                  Andrew, your girlfriend disobeyed her own bishop in building the church she built.
                  That is not an example of the vow of obedience.
                  The sick priests that she had on are not the examples of priests I want others to see.
                  Her anger speaks volumes.
                  Her theology and theology are ancient.
                  All reasons he should be shut down.

        • Ann says:

          Sorry Andrew: the word on the street is that the LCWR should elect the next pope. What a terrific precedent that would be.

      • leatherhead says:

        About time someone spoke up the truths of the Church. She has brought thousands into the faith.

    • David says:

      Angelica and her devout assistants will always provide a powerful magnetic attraction to their followers. She and they are self-absorbed neurotics.

  10. Tony says:

    She has done more harm to the church and the wOrld than any other woman, with her conservative mideval theology

    • Leatherhead says:

      she has brought more people to Christ than you with your rants

      • hcm says:

        Thanks alot Leatherhead.:)
        I’ve been watching her ewtn in past few mths and addicted to her cute face,lol and her jokes. Love her and I am converting for her. Truth=old church,hahaha.

  11. Larry Perssiko says:

    When all of the zombies die off the world will actually see what a heretic this woman really was.

    • Concerned says:

      Yes, eventually they will find out that she sought power, prestige and much of what Jesus stood opposed to. They will discover that she talked alot but failed to live by her own teachings.

    • leatherhead says:

      Larry how is she a heretic? a heretic preaches heresy what heresy has she preached


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