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Pope Benedict XVI: Rebuked Cardinal Roger Mahony will help pick successor


mahony(LA Daily News) Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony will be among those traveling to Rome next month to participate in a papal conclave to elect a successor to retiring Pope Benedict XVI.

The 210-member College of Cardinals elects the pope, but only those under age 80 can participate in the secret election.

“Surely one of his great legacies will be a continuing emphasis on the need for all Catholics to exercise their role as evangelizers in the world,” the 78-year-old cardinal said in a statement. “His focus upon the new evangelization will continue to enliven all disciples of Jesus.”

As a member of the College of Cardinals, Mahony recalled the April 2005 conclave in which he helped elect the German-born pope.

“I recall so clearly his words when he told the cardinals that he was choosing the name Benedict because of his fondness for the prayerfulness and the Rule of St. Benedict, and also because Pope Benedict XV served during a time of turmoil and wars across the world,” Mahony said.

The previous Pope Benedict served from 1914-20.

The current pope, who cited failing strength of mind and body, would become the first head of the Roman Catholic Church to resign from the lifelong appointment in about 600 years. He appointed 67 of the 118 cardinals who will pick a successor, who needs two-thirds approval to be elected pope.

Mahony said he looked forward to thanking the pope in person “and to participate in the conclave to elect his successor.” [more]


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  1. Ann says:

    Is Cardinal Law under 80? Will he participate?

  2. Oh Please! says:

    Yeah, like the Holy Spirit will really be talking to Mahoney when he is discerning which person to choose as the next pope. Was the Holy Spirit talking to him while he was passing all of those pedophile priests around?

  3. Concerned says:

    If Cardinal Mahoney had true concern and love for the Church, he would exclude himself from this process. It is utter hypocrisy for this man to participate in the electionn of the next Pope, no matter who he is. But this demonstrates that the heirarchy believe that they can do whatever they want and simply because of their title can get away with it with no reprocussions at all. They are still in complete denial about the impact of this entire scandal. If the Cardinals had any backbone or conviction at all they would band together and demand that Mahoney and any other Cardinal who has been involved in the cover up of the sexual abuse of children not be included in the Conclave. That would begin to send the signal that they are beginning to change their ways and that there will be an impact on those who choose to do the wrong thing. As it stands, Mahoney and the rest are making a statement that they have no remorse for the harm they have done to God’s little ones and to the Church – the People of God. Is it any wonder they have 0 credibility and are sinking even lower.

  4. Gregory says:

    The real question is, why hasn’t Mahoney been removed, or even prosecuted? Churches have been paying hundreds of millions of dollars as the price for these perverts. They don’t belong in the Church. They belong in Hollywood or in the Obama Administration.

    • Paul Skizinski says:

      Mahoney probably will be prosecuted by civil authorities, but sadly not by Church hierarchy. But you are wrong to drag President Obama into this issue. He is a good and decent man who is doing a fantastic job of governing this country and protecting your right to say stupid things.

  5. Recovering Catholic says:

    I am absolutely appalled that Mahoney, who should be defrocked and locked up in prison for the decades of harm he has caused to so many trusting, innocent sheep in betraying and covering up wide-spread priest sexual abuse in the church, is instead given the green light and a papal invitation to go vote for the next pope. One would think that Pope Benedict would want to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. It makes one wonder whether Ratzinger is “playing with a full deck.”

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      P.S. Until the Cardinals elect a modern, all-inclusive minded pope, favorable to both married priests and women priests, The People of God should stay away from mass, contribute no more money, and picket in the streets with signs that say “No More Sexual Perverts” “No More Cover ups” “No more Medieval religion” “No more monarchies”

      • Richard says:

        I go to Mass because I believe in the theology, not because I like or dislike others who are supposed to practice it’s teachings.
        Learn more about your religion than an 8th grade level.

    • Paul Skizinski says:

      You pegged it! Ratzinger is not.


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