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Mahony answers questions under oath about clergy sex abuse cases


Cardinal Roger Mahony(LA Times) A “relatively unflappable” Cardinal Roger Mahony answered questions under oath for more than 3 1/2 hours Saturday about his handling of clergy sex abuse cases, according to the lawyer who questioned the former archbishop.

“He remained calm and seemingly collected at all times,” said attorney Anthony De Marco, who represents a man suing the Los Angeles Archdiocese over abuse he alleges he suffered at the hands of a priest who visited his parish in 1987.

Mahony has been deposed many times in the past, but Saturday’s session was the first time he had been asked about recently released internal church records that show he shielded abusers from law enforcement.

De Marco declined to detail the questions he asked or the answers the cardinal provided, citing a judge’s protective order.

The deposition occurred just before Mahony was to board a plane for Italy to vote in the conclave that will elect the next pope. In a Twitter post Friday, Mahony wrote that it was “just a few short hours before my departure for Rome.”

Church officials did not return requests for comment. [More]


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  1. Ann says:

    Agree Concerned and Recovering. More than hypocricy there is cowardice going on. The institution has protected them for so long, they simply lack any courage, hiding within “mother” church, which, like an ineffectual parent, enables their behavior and allows them to resign without ever facing penalities or consequences. The innocent and the people of God are the ones who have been paying the consequences.

  2. Larry Perssiko says:

    “In whatever direction you turn, among secular and religious priests, clerics and prelates, small and great, you see nothinbg but offense against God. They all exhale the stench of grave sin.”

    St. Catherine of Siena

  3. Tony says:

    Honesty AND transparency.

  4. Concerned says:

    From all of this one would think that the hierarchy would learn that it is better to simply put all the cards on the table and be honest, forthright and open. But it seems that the hierarchy have not learned as they continue to put spin on the facts, igngore their responsibility to be honest, and simply hope that they don’t get caught. What a shame. No one expects that every person in the hierarchy will be a saint, but they do expect that honesty, no matter what, will be deomstrated.

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      That’s why those in the hierarchy are just a bunch of modern-day hypocrites. They are drunk with their own perceived power, glory and control. They say one thing in demanding that the People of God learn and hold to virtuous behavior, but then act in a contrarian manner. They believe they are above the law; apparently believing that the law is just for the little people. Jesus drew our attention to the hypocritical Pharisees of his day who paraded through the marketplace seeking admiration and glory while their inner secrets were disgusting. I guess not a lot has changed.


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