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Dolan offers role model for choosing next pope


ENLARGE_02dolan_media(NYT) Some cardinals have a list of qualities they want in the next pope: an eager evangelist, master communicator, and deft administrator, with an ear for languages and a heart for the developing world.

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan says he has a simpler, albeit perhaps even tougher, criterion: he wants the next pope to be like Jesus.

“I hope you believe me, and I hope you believe I’m not being dismissive: you always look for somebody that reminds you of Jesus,’’ he said Sunday, speaking to reporters after celebrating Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

“Now we’re all supposed to do that — anybody who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ,’’ said Cardinal Dolan, who is the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York. “But you look for somebody who just seems to radiate the love and the tenderness, the mercy, the truth of Jesus Christ.”

Dressed in purple vestments for Lent and holding a golden crozier adorned with a carving of a lamb, Cardinal Dolan said he believed the last few popes had met that standard.

“In my recent memory, the Holy Spirit’s not let us down, because the popes with whom we’ve been blessed have been a great icon of Jesus Christ, and I’m confident that the next one will be as well,’’ he said.

The Mass on Sunday was his last at St. Patrick’s before he departs for Rome on Tuesday; on Thursday, he plans to greet Pope Benedict XVI for the last time before the pope retires that evening, and then Cardinal Dolan will spend the next few weeks meeting with his fellow cardinals and choosing the next pope.

“Believe me, everybody, I’m doing a lot of praying,’’ he said, standing before the cathedral’s large Pieta. “I’m praying a lot that I’ll have the guidance and gift of the Holy Spirit to make the right decision, because this is one of the most awesome responsibilities a cardinal could ever have.”

For the second day in a row, Cardinal Dolan dismissed Italian news reports suggesting that an unreleased Vatican investigation into leaks of church information might have influenced the pope’s decision to retire. He said he believed the pope’s retirement was “not about his prerogatives, his office, his prominence — it’s about service to our lord and his church” and that “all this other speculation, I think it’s just that — speculation.” [More]


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  1. Recovering Catholic says:

    If Cardinal Dolan wants the next pope to be like Jesus, he’s hardly going to find him in this bunch. A pope can come from anywhere, why not look elsewhere than the cardinalate.

    • Andrew says:

      Recovering: our current pope is very much like Jesus. He is compassionate, empathetic, brilliant and inspiring. The way he’s being treated right now by people like you is not too dissimilar to how Christ was treated by Pontias Pilate (the media) and the angry crowds (you and the CINOS) who cursed and mocked him during his sorrowful carrying of the cross. How ironic that all of this is happening during Lent. You and your like should be ashamed of yourselves!

  2. Ann says:

    Paradox: Things are such a mess I don’t think even Jesus could straighten things out; on the other hand, things are such a mess ONLY Jesus can straighten things out.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    No more sex abuse cases, please! Let’s end this before it ends our church. The church is so anxious to get a young man into the priesthood until they take anybody. Verify, verify, veriy.

  4. Tony says:

    If Cardinal Sicola of Milan is elected Pope, wii he be

  5. Recovering Catholic says:

    Cardinal Dolan seems to be engaging in Orwellian “Doublespeak.” On the one hand, he says he wants the next pope to be exactly like Jesus Christ. Among other qualities, someone who radiates the “truth” of Jesus Christ. Then he says he believed “the last few popes have met that standard.” Really? You mean to say that the last two popes directing 28 years of sexual abuse coverups radiated the “truth” of Jesus Chirst? Do you think THAT met the “standard” of which you speak? Then he goes on to say that the “most awesome responsibility” a cardinal will ever have is to choosing a pope. Really? Isn’t it more of an “awesome responability” to protect children in your diocese against sexual predators?

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      P.S. He goes on to point out that it is Cardinal Mahony’s “right” to participate in the conclave. By church “politics” it may be Mahoney’s “right,” but there is a higher moral consideration involved here; SHOULD he participate, given the outrageous moral corruption he allowed and covered up in his diocese over so many years? Mahoney should recuse himself, stay home and do penance, take full responsibility for the evil he allowed, and ask forgiveness from the People of God.

      • Elizabeth says:

        What about the PARENTS responsibility. Don’t you know when something is wrong with your child. Didn’t you talk to your child about abuse, this did not start yesterday. Sex is destroying my church and I want it addressed and stopped. Every priest is not a pedophile.

        • Tony says:

          Elizabeth, both the children and the parents were victims of the pedisphile priests and errant bishops. Don’t ever ever blame the victims.

        • Recovering Catholic says:

          These abusers were adult men; the victims were children. A lot of children would have been so shamed, they couldn’t tell their parents. Don’t blame the victims. It doesn’t take “every” priest to be a pedophile; the percentage that are in the church have been enough to destroy it.

      • gordon says:

        Cardinal Dolan’s defence of Cardinal Mahony’s “right” to vote smacks of the clericalism and sense of entitlement that may be the source of our problem and the main obstacle to cleaning up the mess in the church. Cardinal Dolan should recuse himself from the conclave. Not a CINO, and fed-up!

  6. LeRoy Matthews says:

    Study my Letter on Diana@Philosophyinaction.com. (Search: Crazy Inbox)

    CHRIST’S NAME WASN’T JESUS! Knock off the crap about choosing a new pope!

  7. Concerned says:

    It seems unwise of Dolan to merely dismiss all t he speculation as insinificant. As has been seen over the course of many years – most of the “specualtion” comes to be reality in one way or another. But I am disappointed in Dolan’s demonstartion that he lasks backbone like the rest by not saying anything about Mahney’s dealing with the sexual abuse of children. The Church does not need another politician who will spin everything into something unimportant. The Church needs someone who will stand up against those in the hierarchy who are giving the church such a repulsive reputation.

  8. robertbyunk says:

    no he is not like Jesus Christ, Dolan diverted Funds for sex abuse Victims to Catholic Cemeteries

  9. Kermit says:

    Okay, so I’m a cynic. But I think Dolan is a grandstander, and says what he thinks sounds good. I honestly don’t trust the guy!

  10. Tony says:

    Right on Tim Dolan!!! The Cardinal from brazil is the guy, Cardinal Scherer.He is young and for the liberation of the poor and oppressed like Jesus was and not into all the Curia baloney.


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