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Divine inspiration: Cardinal Timothy Dolan says next pope should ‘remind you of Jesus’


161626079164741--300x450(NY Post) Cardinal Timothy Dolan — who will travel to Rome to help choose a new pope — knows what he’s looking for.

“You always look for somebody that reminds you of Jesus,” Dolan said, explaining he’ll weigh-in on Pope Benedict XVI’s successor after the 85-year-old religious leader retires on Thursday.

“You look for somebody who just seems to radiate the love, the tenderness, the mercy, the truth of Jesus Christ,” Dolan said.

To prepare for the big decision, Dolan said he has turned to the man upstairs for some guidance.

“You got to believe me — I’m doing a lot of praying. The more this passes, I’m reminded about the awesome responsibility,” he said.

Dolan will fly to Rome in two days and soon after he will meet with a conclave of cardinals in order to elect the man who will lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.

His trip comes after Benedict this morning promised thousands of followers he’s not abandoning the church during his final Sunday blessing — amid allegations that a gay sex scandal triggered his resignation.

Benedict claimed he’s leaving the position on Thursday because he’s not mentally and physically strong enough to keep it. [more]


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  1. Arnold Zdrojewski says:

    I think of the angry Jesus, driving the brood of vipers out of the temple. he new Pope will have to clean out the college of cardinals and the bishops and priets who have led the fall of the church through sexual escapades.

  2. Eileen Kovatch says:

    Guess that leaves Dolan out as a possible candidate!

  3. Concerned says:

    Then perhaps they need to look outside of their own elite group and select someone who has not been tainted by the scandals that are rocking the church. Since not one of the Cardinals have had the backbone to speak honestly anout the scandals, there is not one who resembles Jesus in this – because Jesus would have spoken loudly and clearly about the need for honesty and decisive action. Not one Cardinal has done this – thy are only interested in preserving teir own status within the hierarchy. As Jesus said – You can not serve two masters. They have chosen to serve themselves in this rather than serving God.

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      Could it be that any cardinal who spoke out would suffer the same end as all the “honest” theologians who have spoken out and been silenced?

  4. Catholic Lady says:

    Soon after Pope Benedict anounced his retirement this quotation appeared on face book; “Pope Paul II remained in office so that he might show us how to suffer and how to die. Pope Benedict XVII is leaving the Papal Office so that he might show us how to live in humble honesty – Sister Mary Theresa

    • Concerned says:

      Shows how you can spin anything to be what you want it to be.

      • Jo Ann says:

        Yes, I cannot help but notice that you do keep demonstrating the truth of that in your comments.

        • Concerned says:

          do you have something to add to the conversation JoAnn or are you just sniping?

        • Concerned says:

          JoAnn – which part am I “spinning?” That the hierarchy believe they can serve two masters? That the current scandals in the Church are far from the image of Christ? That Jesus would have spoke up about the abuse in the church? That no Cardinals have spoken out to rid the church of the scandal? That none of the hierarchy have shown a backbone? Please be specific so we can have a conversation/debate. Sniping as you did offers nothing to go on.

          • Andrew says:

            Concerned, you really need to get that ego under control. Catholic Lady posted a very nice thread here about John Paul IIs suffering and Benedict XVIs humbleness. You replied back with “shows how you can spin anything.” Jo Ann replied to you, pointing out the hypocrisy of your post. And yes, you do chime in to spin anything loving or compassionate said here about the holy father: such is the intensity of your hatred. Now you have the nerve to come back with “what part am I spinning”? What a role model you are for the Lenton Season – just kidding!

            • Concerned says:

              Andrew, why do you hate and deny the truth. You have not pointed to one thing that is a spin. The church is in the midst of grave scandal caused by the inattention of the hierarchy. If you deny that then you show that you really are out of it. Catholic Lady put up a quote that praised one for staying and one for leaving. I guess you don’t see the duplicity in that. It would be better for the CHurch if you just came out and said you want to see it continue on the course of scandal after scandal until it meets its demise. You are an uninformed hater of truth if that truth is contrary to your own narrow thinking. Atheists do less harm to the Church than you.

              • Andrew says:

                Sorry Concerned, I’ve already established you as a hater so for you to come back like you just posted only reinforces the point that you SPIN things to your favor. Clearly you have problems with anger and honesty. Your screaming tirades packed with lies about pope Benedict are pathetic. You come across just like one of the foolish Israelites screaming “crucify him” when Pilate paraded the scourged Jesus to the mob.

                • Recovering Catholic says:

                  There is a huge difference between critical thinking and hating. Apparently, anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a hater, is that it?

                  • Ann says:

                    Agree with Concerned, Recovering and Mary Bethany. To make it in this atmosphere, one has to be a player, and players don’t risk what the theologians has risked. These are cushy jobs, well paid, little accountability.

                • Concerned says:

                  Oh Andrewe, still no valid argument or thoughts to offer, just more of your same old dribble. As I said before, it is rally you who hatet the Church because it encourage and demand stagnation. And as I asked before from one of your other posts if this site is such an irrelevant site, as you stated it was, why are you here? HYPOCRISY!!!!

  5. Mary Bethany says:

    People who make it to Cardinal must be “players” to some extent. I am sure it is difficult to find a Jesus figure for the papacy. I pray we get someone with an open mind and an open heart. Someone full of love and wisdom and who doesn’t look like he just sucked on a lemon.


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