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Despite criticism, Mahony should help select pope, says cardinal


6a00d8341c630a53ef017c3717aafb970b-640wi(LA Times) A top U.S. cardinal on Monday said Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony should help select a new pope despite new revelations about his handling of priest abuse cases.

Cardinal William Levada spoke about Mahony and the historic events at the Vatican during a talk at a Menlo Park seminary, according to the Associated Press. Levada is a former cardinal of San Francisco who also served as the pope’s prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Critics have slammed Mahony for going to Rome after church files released last month showed he worked to prevent law enforcement officials from investigating priests who molested children. Mahony has apologized for his actions in the 1980s but said it was his duty to select a new pope.

On Saturday, a Catholic organization delivered a petition with thousands of signatures asking that Mahony recuse himself from the conclave in Rome.
The group, Catholics United, collected nearly 10,000 signatures supporting making “a simple request” that the former archbishop of Los Angeles not participate in the process because of the priest abuse scandals that happened under his watch, said Chris Pumpelly, communications director for Catholics United.

The petition was delivered Saturday to St. Charles Borromeo in North Hollywood, where the cardinal resides. It was accepted by a church staff member.

After delivering the petition, organizers attended Mass at the parish to pray for healing and for the future of the church.

Mahony wrote about his trip to the Vatican on Twitter and in blog posts.

“Anyone interested in loving your enemies, or doing good to those who persecute you? See my blog for today. Wow, Jesus is demanding,” Mahony posted on Twitter Monday.

He expanded on the theme in a blog post. [More]


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  1. Ann says:

    The most important thing Cardinal Mahoney could do relative to his office as cardinal is NOT participate in the election of the next pope as a symbolic representation of the beginning of a communal repentance on the part of the hierarchy for its participation in the sexual abuse of children.

  2. Recovering Catholic says:

    Isn’t the rule of confession that the person must first have remorse, admit their guilt, and then ask for forgiveness? Mahony doesn’t seem to have any remorse whatsoever. He’s only upset because he got caught.

  3. Concerned says:

    The hierarchy still does not get it – their problems could have been over if they had taken full ownership of their mistakes. Mahoney has done much for Social Justice but he has taenished his whole reputation by failing to own his mistakes. Like the rest he has hidden behind excuses, deceit and the desire to simply cover it all up. No one can forgive until they admit, completely, how horrible and sinful their actions were. No one can can past the enormity of all of this until there is a feeling of contrition. By spending years trying to fight his responsibility to turn over all the files Mahoney should have laid it all on the table. People are forgiving when someone has true remorse. But there has been little remorse. The actions of the Bishops and the Vatican in all of this makes people believe that the only sorrow is that they were caught. What they did was wrong. Mahoney is not the victim in this matter, he is one of the causes of the scandal in the church. One hopes that the next pope will simply throw everything out on the table. There needs to be an end to this slow, agonizing revelation of facts followed by the cowardly offering of excuses. By this time all of this could have been over if the hierarchy had just done the right thing. Now Mahoney is tarnishing his repuation even more and making it so no one will remember his work with the poor as he portrays himself as a victim.


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