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Cardinal helping select next pope tells audience to ‘speak of our faith’


0222_NCLO_WD_CARDINAL_13069_t607(Naples News) Days ahead of his departure for Rome to participate in the papal conclave, a U.S. cardinal encouraged Southwest Florida Catholics on Thursday night to embrace a “new evangelism” as the church faces an unexpected change in leadership.

“We need to have the courage to speak of our faith, to engage others in hearing the story of our faith,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl said during a fundraiser in North Naples for Ave Maria University.

Wuerl, who also serves as archbishop of Washington, will join 10 other U.S. cardinals Sunday as they unite with the 118-member College of Cardinals in the Catholic Church’s administrative seat in Rome to determine the successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

The pope jarred his congregation worldwide earlier this month when he announced he would step down at the end of February for health reasons. He was the first pontiff to resign since the 15th century.

The conclave could start as early as the first week of March, Wuerl said. The cardinals hold discussions before heading into a period of silence and contemplation to determine the church’s next leader.

“The first thing that comes to my mind and heart is just how important this decision will be,” Wuerl said during a brief press conference before Thursday night’s event. “It’s a moment, however long that moment might be — days, weeks — it’s a moment of silence. And the silence is to allow the spirit to speak to the heart of each cardinal.”

Wuerl was appointed to his current position in 2010 by Benedict, who began his tenure as head of the church in 2005 after the death of Pope John Paul II. [More]


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  1. Recovering Catholic says:

    It seems that most of the vast poorly-educated “faithful” are enamored with the “fiction” rather than the “reality” of the Catholic Church — it’s dark past & current history and the hypocritical priests, bishops and cardinals in it. (E.g., did you read that article today about the sexually-corrupted curia and their meeting places?)

  2. Lou says:

    Larry, tell us how you really feel. Don’t hold back.

  3. Concerned says:

    Unfortunately Wuerl has little credibility (if any) among many of the faithful including priests, bishops and other Cardinals. But as Larry popints out, he did it to himself. He can only go to places like Ave Maria University where they only look at the “suit” and not the person wearing it. They are enamored with fiction rather than reality.

  4. Larry Perssiko says:

    What a damn joke Ave Maria University, Ave Maria Florida, and Donald Wuerl.

    Let’s start with Tom “Ave Maria” Monaghan (Mr. Dominos Pizza and Detroit Tigers). The Ave Maria Mass, Ave Maria College, Ave Maria Law School, Ave Maria List, Ave Maria Foundation, Ave Maria Drive, Ave Maria Florida, Ave Maria University, Ave Maria College of the Americas, Ave Maria Radio, Ave Maria Funds, just to name a few. Basically it is all Ave Maria BS.

    Donald Wuerl, the same Donald Wuerl who was laughed out of the Archdiocese of Seattle by EVERY ordained and vowed religious in that archdiocese, for his stupidity. Donald Wuerl doing what all members of the USCCB do best…prostituting themselves for scum money.

    • Ann says:

      You say it like it is Larry. How about Ave Maria Pizza with some extra clerical toppings for scum money revenue? Seriously, this is the bishop who refused to meet with Sr. Elizabeth Johnson in discussion of her work all the while publicly prohibiting her book from being used in Catholic Universities. He was very unfair in his treatment of a serious, legitimate theologian (past president of Catholic Theological Society), using his clerical authority without any regard to a meetin in which she could defend herself or her wonderful theological book. His arrogance is astounding.


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