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Cardinal George doesn’t rule out an American pope


MET-AJ-CARDINAL-GEORGE-0222(Chicago Tribune) Fifteen years to the day that he became a prince of the Roman Catholic Church, Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a fellow American becoming pope.

During and after a lecture at Loyola University Chicago School of Law on Thursday, George said New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley and a number of other international cardinals whose names have been bandied about as contenders are indeed “plausible candidates” to lead the church.

Until now, the odds of an American pope were slim to none. According to conventional wisdom, putting a man from the world’s only superpower in charge of the world’s 1 billion Catholics would give the U.S. too much power, Vatican experts said.

Even in 2005, when George was said to possess all the qualities of a papabile, or papal candidate, Roman clergy reportedly muttered under their breath, “Peccato e americano,” or it’s a shame he’s American.

“We’re not quite the hegemonic power that we were even a few years ago,” George said, referring to the U.S. “It’s a much more pluralistic world. Within that, we have a very important role, but … in the international sphere, we don’t play the role we once did. … So it does open up possibilities for an American pope who wouldn’t be considered an agent of the U.S. government. That’s been the argument.” [More]


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  1. Recovering Catholic says:

    Cardinal O’Malley might be a great choice; however, I can’t believe all those sexually-perverted cardinals who clandestinely meet in out-of-the-way Roman bathhouses and frequent male prostitutes would vote for him. The anti-woman, sexually-deviant curia are more concerned with their comfort and their “business as usual.” Voting for O’Malley would be like voting for their chastiser.

  2. Tony says:

    What about the guy from Quebec isn’t he considered American? Or the guys from South America, aren’t the American? Or, was George talking about a guy from the United States?
    In any case O’Mallly would be a pretty good choice.

    • Ann says:

      Agree Tony. If US, O”Malley would be a good choice in light of his experience of dealing with the sex abuse scandals, his humility, and his “non climbing” posture.

    • Catholic Lady says:

      Hi Tony, the guy from Quebec is Cardinal Ouellet..and yes, He can be considered to be an American – Canada being just alittle north of you all..(couldn’t resist however we Canadians love our neighbours to the south). South American church’s Cardinal Odilo Scherer of Sao Paulo, Brazil, is also American …and of coarse your own Cardinal Dolan from the United States of America…and Cardinal O’Malley.

      • Larry Perssiko says:

        Cardinal Ouellet could be very interesting….two siblings who have left the church….a younger brother who has pled guilty to sexual offences against two teenage girls….and of course if he were elected some of the old fart cardinals would get bumped out of the front row at his installation so his mother could have a front row seat.

      • Tony says:

        If I were going to vote for pope in this conclave my choice would be Ouelet, and then OMalley, and then the guy from Brazil who is really into liberation of the poor and marginalized.

      • Tony says:

        CL, upon reflection, my vote would go first for Scherer, then Ouelet, then O’Malley, All front runners, all Americans, with O’Malley being from the United States.


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