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US church to release list of sex offenders


(SAPA) The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles must release the names of church leaders and paedophile priests identified in thousands of pages of internal documents recounting sexual abuse allegations dating back decades, a judge ruled on Monday.

The decision by California Superior Court Judge Emilie Elias overturned much of a 2011 order by another judge that would have allowed the archdiocese to black out the names of church higher-ups. Victims, as well as AP and Los Angeles Times, argued for the names to be public.

Elias said she weighed the privacy rights of priests and others – including those who are mentioned in the documents but were not accused of any wrongdoing – against the public’s interest in learning details of the child abuse that prompted the archdiocese to agree to a record $660m settlement with victims in 2007.

“Don’t they have the right to know what happened in their local church?” Elias said before ruling from the bench.

The documents include letters and memos between top church officials and their attorneys, medical and psychological records, complaints from parents and, in some cases, correspondence with the Vatican about abusive priests. There are approximately 30 000 pages and it wasn’t immediately clear how soon they would be released.

Elias stipulated that some redactions of people who played no major role would be allowed, and attorneys for the plaintiffs and church were discussing how to do so.

The sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church has played out in many dioceses around America, with victims receiving huge settlements.

Files released in other places, such as Boston, have shown the church shuffled predator priests among parishes without calling police. [More]


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  1. nigel says:

    So why does ANYONE continue to go to the Catholic church? I told my wife not to EVER take the children there. I then told my son that the most evil place in the world was that catholic joint. I will never go into one of their “holy places”. I won’t do business with a catholic now. Don’t allow them to speak to me. If everyone shuns them, the church will collapse, and that is what NEEDS to happen. screww the catholic church just like they screw little boys. WE don’t want, or need them on our planet.

  2. Michael says:

    What a laugh. Elias is concerned about privacy rights above the publics interest. What a bunch of B.S. Priests who were accused and are innocent will now have their names smeared in the mud. These same innocent priests have not rights, according to our government, to sue those who falsely accused them. So much for human rights when it comes to priests. That’s California for you.

  3. Recovering Catholic says:

    As ususal, the hierarchy of the RC Church is more concerned with its privacy rights, embarrassment and ridicule to the RC Church than it is with the horrendous harm it has caused to the innocent.

    “. . .[w]hosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.” -Mark 9:42

  4. Recovering Catholic says:

    Boucher said. “Clearly my preference would be that the files not be redacted and the full files be released. But I understand there’s a need to get out these files as soon as possible.”

    No redactions, buddy — Take your time, buddy, we’ll wait!

  5. Recovering Catholic says:

    “. . . and, in some cases, correspondence with the Vatican about abusive priests. There are approximately 30 000 pages and it wasn’t immediately clear how soon they would be released.”

    We the people will probably find that these 30,000 pages most likely either went up in smoke or strangely disappeared!

  6. Tony says:

    The sex scandal of the priests and the handling of it by the bishops is reprehensible. The pain and anguish of the victims and their families is incomprehensible and ought to be examined and exposed so that it never ever happens again.

  7. Florian says:

    Once again, the RC church believes itself to be above the law, in the vain hope that the lergy sex abuse crisis will just go away. Nothing else would be so convincing a demonstration of bad faith and unfair dealing by bishops and church officials. Shame.


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