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Cardinal Dolan: ‘Plan B’ at Staten Island, NYC high schools is ‘tragic and misguided’


“Tragic and Misguided” is how Cardinal Timothy Dolan describes the city’s decision to make so-called “morning-after” pills available at Port Richmond High School and a dozen other high schools throughout the city.

Dolan, the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has been a leader in the fight against the Health and Human Services mandates requiring free contraceptive coverage for employees of nearly all health care plans, even those provided by religious institutions opposed to contraception.

“Abstinence before marriage is the only sure way to avoid pregnancy and disease, while also allowing minors to practice virtue and responsibility,” wrote Dolan,who was joined in the blog post by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of the Diocese of Brooklyn,

“The public schools would be better advised to promote what truly works rather than continuing to follow a failed experiment that will only lead to further problems for society and for young people.”

What he termed “powerful drugs” with “potentially serious side effects” will be available to students as young as age 14 without parental consent even though such permission is required for minors to get tattoos, and teens have been tossed from tanning beds due to long-term health risks.

“This policy of dispensing of powerful medicines to young women — without their parents’ knowledge and consent — is tragic and misguided,” Cardinal Dolan said. [more]





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  2. joseph Francis says:

    Beautifully put Tony. Vatican 11 and John Paul,11 called the home,the ‘domestic church.’ It is their that THE PATENTS LIVE OUT AND PASS ON THE FAITH. So many family’s were catholics in name only and saw mass on sunday as an hour we had to put in so if we died that week we wouln’t go to hell. Instead of the joy of exercising their Priesthood of the faithful that they recieved at their baptisms but were never told they recieved and had by the priests and religious that were to educate them about Catholicism.

  3. Tony says:

    It is up to the parents of children to teach them morals and morality and a way of life, it is up to the church to support the parents in their teachings. After doing that, the children will be molded to be the disciples of Jesus, no matter what the public schools, TV, media or any our culture has to say.

    • Catholic Lady says:

      Well said,Tony. I agree and actually when I was raising my children as “Baptists” this was not only my belief but also a belief held by parents in our church. You see we didn’t have a separate school to send our children so that they would be taught their Christian faith, we alone were responsible.

  4. joseph francis says:

    So well put Cardinal Dolan. How ever what is said falls on deaf ears of a secular, non-religious society. We have lost three generation of young people to this pagan, secular society. We are forbidden to expose the youth to the ten commandments. I asked a young person what he though of the ten commandments? he asked me who was the lead guitarist. He thought the ten commandments were a rock group. Pray for the conversion of America.

  5. Florian says:

    So what have our churches, the RCC in particular, been doing about abstinence these past few hundred years? They certainly haven’t sold it to our schools and academies, even those which still attempt to function under Catholic auspices! And they haven’t sold it to our youth, male and female God made them. And all this “tragic and misguided” palaver when Cardinal Dolan’s credibility is already shredded, according to one of his bro bishops, who often just sit there until the courts and sheriffs of the land MAKE them do something in the right direction.

  6. strong Cathoilic says:

    What a tragedy that our school officials think they know better what is best for our children than their parents. The problem with big government is that it misuses its power not for the people it serves but for their own egos Let our children be children – they grow up fast enough.


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