Cardinal Dolan Celebrates Mass With Bishop Clark

The Archbishop of New York celebrated a milestone Sunday with a well known member of the clergy.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan traveled to Rochester to mark Bishop Matthew Clark’s 50 years of service to the community as a priest.

Clark is leaving the Catholic Diocese after 33 years as Bishop here in Rochester.  The Vatican requires a Bishop to retire when he reaches age 75.  Pope Benedict the 16th will decide when Clark will celebrate his final mass.

Dolan says, “it’s a pretty thorough process, that if dealt with properly, a lot of consultation, so I would presume that’s coming very shortly.”

Bishop Clark is looking back on his 33 years fondly.  He says, “I’m just deeply mindful of how people have shaped my life since I was born, I mean literally, my oldest friend is in the church today, my sister. ”

Representatives from nearly 100 New York churches were also at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Sunday to mark Clark’s Jubliee mass.