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Cardinal Dolan Celebrates Mass With Bishop Clark


The Archbishop of New York celebrated a milestone Sunday with a well known member of the clergy.  Cardinal Timothy Dolan traveled to Rochester to mark Bishop Matthew Clark’s 50 years of service to the community as a priest.

Clark is leaving the Catholic Diocese after 33 years as Bishop here in Rochester.  The Vatican requires a Bishop to retire when he reaches age 75.  Pope Benedict the 16th will decide when Clark will celebrate his final mass.

Dolan says, “it’s a pretty thorough process, that if dealt with properly, a lot of consultation, so I would presume that’s coming very shortly.”

Bishop Clark is looking back on his 33 years fondly.  He says, “I’m just deeply mindful of how people have shaped my life since I was born, I mean literally, my oldest friend is in the church today, my sister. ”

Representatives from nearly 100 New York churches were also at Sacred Heart Cathedral on Sunday to mark Clark’s Jubliee mass.





  1. Rob Brian says:

    What a lot of selfrighteous ignoramuses you all make yourselves appear! There is plenty of room within our Church for a great variety of viewpoints. Why can they not all be expressed honestly, but charitably and without personal invective. If the tone of the comments on this site are typical of the Church of the future, it is no wonder that people are leaving in droves. See how these Christians love one another, indeed!

  2. Michael says:

    Pray for all priest, deacons, cardinals, bishops, archbishops, and all nuns… let us not critize them but pray for their conversion before it is too late. For GOD has chosen them and they will be held accountable to HIM and so will we

  3. Dr. Lo says:

    Though this is nothing new, I am constantly amazed at how blind and narrow minded we all can be. Jesus used to point this out to the Pharisees all the time. They sometimes seemed incapable of grasping the truth before them, even though they were convicned they knew the truth. Thank goodness for the mercy of God!

  4. Norm Adams says:

    I can only shudder at how God will judge those who make negative judgements and public comments about His Priest. If you have nothing nice to say, you should keep it to yourself and pray for that Priest.

    • Tara says:

      If he taught error/against official Church teaching, then it needs to be TOLD. What are we tots?

    • Jim says:

      Norm — Luke 17:3, Jesus speaking — “Rebuke your brother if he sins.” That is a command from God almighty. Ezekiel 33:7-9: If your brother sins, and you don’t correct him, he will die for his sins, but God will hold the silent person RESPONSIBLE for his death.

      • Tony says:

        And in another place Jesus said, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”.
        We who are disciples of Christ know a better way Jim……….

        • Jim says:

          Tony — read that stretch of Scripture a verse or two further. You will see that Jesus admonished the woman to “sin no more.” We should imitate Jesus. The first spiritual work of mercy: to admonish the sinner.

  5. Katie says:

    A liberal is a liberal is a liberal…..yes, Stephen Palmer even we conservatives recognize the wolves in sheeps clothing in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Thank God for our Pope Benedict XVI who is cleaning out the Masons, and so-called progressives in the highest offices of the Vatican.

  6. Old Roman Collar says:

    a real devil, thank god he is gone, toooo liberal and this was like 30 yrs over due, Thank god he is gone and will pay dearly at his death

    • Stephen Palmer says:

      I am insulted by this statement.

      • Michael says:

        Truth is Truth… go and read AA-1025 the infiltration of the communist in to the Catholic church. True book based on the writings of the AA1025 killed in a car wreck from his own journal. Satan is in the church to destory it from within with liberal priest

    • Gregory says:

      If you are an example of what a good Caholic., I’m out of here. You small minded old man. You conservatives are driving people away from the church.

      • CMcD says:

        No Gregory, We conservatives are the one that will lead the people back to the Church.

      • Jim says:

        No, Gregory, progressives already have left the Church, they just don’t know it until a conservative points it out to them. It is a great grace to tell a progressive heretic that they are on the right track. Either they can reconcile with the Church, or they can reject the Church, but at least they will know they are not headed in the right direction. If they are heading for Hell, someone should at least point that out to them before it’s too late.

  7. Ivana says:

    The people of Rochester have suffered tremendously under his leadership. His liberal agenda has done a great damage to the church. I hope he will spend his retirement asking God’s forgiveness. We soon need a holy orthodox bishop to clean up the Diocese by getting rid of all the bad weeds. The late Bishop Sheen when he resigned said that the Diocese of Rochester was and is the Siberia of the Catholic Church.

    • Stephen Palmer says:

      whith people like you I am sure Bishop Clark has experienced much of his purgatory.

    • Magdalene says:

      May he have a good retirement which is coming decades late.

      What has happened in the diocese is well known; it is infamous.

    • John D. says:

      True Ivana…But consider how bad things are in Albany under Hubbard. This is a guy who “cleared” himslef of sexual misconduct charges. We all know what he is. But yes,Clark also has been notoriuous for decades. Hope he spends his retirement in prayer.

  8. Macy says:

    This retirement is 33 years overdue! He’s decimated the faith in his diocese and has been a source of scandal. May God have mercy on the faithful Catholics there who have endured his tenure with countless tears by appointing a new bishop to right the sinking ship left by Bishop Clark!

  9. Shar says:

    Good and Faithful Servant… God Bless you…


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