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No respite for pope as more documents leaked


The Pope's butler, Paolo Gabriele (bottom L), arrives with Pope Benedict XVI (R) at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican in this May 23, 2012 file photo. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi/Files

Pope Benedict got no rest on Sunday from a leaks scandal when an Italian newspaper published documents showing that his butler was not the only person in possession of confidential correspondence indicating a Vatican in disarray.

Benedict, 85, ended a weekend trip to Italy’s industrial and financial capital Milan with a closing mass for an international gathering in which he praised traditional Catholic family values and re-stated his opposition to gay marriage.

But in its Sunday edition, the Rome newspaper La Repubblica published documents it said it had received anonymously after the arrest of the pope’s butler on May 23.

A note received by the newspaper said there were “hundreds more” documents and that the butler, Paolo Gabriele, was just a scapegoat.

The furore over the leaked correspondence, which shows power-hungry cardinals and scheming within the walls of the city state, has gripped the Vatican just as it was recovering from a long-running scandal over sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests in the United States, Ireland and other countries.

One letter, dated January 16, was sent by Cardinal Raymond Burke, an American who heads a Vatican department, to the pope’s secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

Burke complains that a decision regarding a liturgical matter was taken without consulting his office, which is responsible for such matters.

The person who sent Repubblica the documents also provided two letters signed by the pope’s private secretary, Monsignor Georg Ganswein. The newspaper said those letters had everything but the letterhead and the signature whited out.

The newspaper said that in the note accompanying the documents, the person who sent them said the contents had been whited out “so as not to offend the Holy Father” but threatened to reveal the contents. [More]





  1. Recovering Catholic says:

    Some additional comments. As I have been working through my anger with all the sexual abuse scandals, the “Secret System” cover-ups and the less-than-holy human beings who have been major players in the Catholic Church, I am learning to turn my focus to what is good in the Catholic faith, and I’m finding that there is a lot of it these days. For instance, I’ve discovered that Relevant Radio (broadcast from Green Bay, Wisconsin) has some really outstanding back-to-back radio programming, including speakers like Matthew Kelley; Fr. Robert Barron (the talk on the Seven Deadly Sins is especially good); all the Bishop Sheen programs; the Spiritual Journey programs featuring a different spiritual advisor each time (Fr. Albert and Sister Bridgett have really been inspirational); and so many other programs. In fact, Relevant Radio is chock full of really high quality teaching programs, which can be of help to all faiths – not just Catholics. So maybe what one needs to do is realize that there will always be a certain degree of rot in the church and just let it go. There is, of course, the pain of being betrayed by those we were led to believe were holy and the grappling with the aftermath of trust issues. I felt it was important to read all sides of a story, including theologians with different points of view and the schismatics, and am glad that I did, but nonetheless, too much of that reading, I see, can start to warp one’s senses and make one cynical. I’ve read enough and am throwing those books out.

  2. joseph Francis says:

    I was told “the church was Divine in its origin, but completely human in its administration.” It appeaers that these cardnals who are to be servants, are mini- kings and are into power, pomp,etc, Where there is smoke, there is fire. What happened to Loyalty to the Pope? There mouths say one thing and there feet do something else. They can make a movie out of this. Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, where are you when we need you?

    • Jim says:

      Joseph — Martin Luther can be found in the Lutheran church. May I suggest you attend one next weekend, and not the Catholic Church? You’re not benefitting from attending Mass, apparently, and you may be drinking condemnation unto yourself when you receive the Eucharist with unconfessed mortal sins like use of artificial contraception and masturbation.

  3. Concerned says:

    One would think that at this point the Cardinals behind this would simply take early retirement and leave so that healing can begin. But their desire for power has obviously taken complete control. Benedict’s pontificate has been anything but “Christ-lie.” I am praying that somehow the next Pope is someone who will truly desire a Church that witnesses to the real message and life of Jesus rather than to his own vanities. Unfortunately our current “Shepherd” is more interested in his own ego than in the good of the People of God. Whoever the next Pope s he will need to be extremely strong to cleanse those who are self-serving and to bring back a sense of goodness to the God’s Church.

    • Recovering Catholic says:

      Great comments. I concur.

    • Jim says:

      Concerned — how arrogant you are — and you accuse the leaders of the Church of being vane. Your statement: “Unfortunately our current ‘Shepherd’ is more interested in his own ego than in the good of the People of God” — how could you possibly know that? Married couples often misinterpret the intentions of their spouse, yet you have the arrogance to believe you know the pope’s intentions? Therapy, Concerned, therapy.

  4. Tony says:

    Burke acts like one of the biggest power hungy guys of all of them. In my opinion he acts very much like the Gospel calls us NOT to act. He acts like a pompus fool.

    • Jim says:

      Tony — here is all the article said about Cardinal Burke: “Burke complains that a decision regarding a liturgical matter was taken without consulting his office, which is responsible for such matters.” Did it ever occur to you that he is just being responsible for ensuring the mission with which he has been charged gets accomplished properly? You’re like Concerned and Recovering — projecting your own foibles onto others. When’s the last time you’ve been to Reconciliation?


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