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Vatican shows rare public anger over leak


Pope Benedict XVI travels with his butler Paolo Gabriele, center, who was arrested in connection with leaked papal documents.

The Vatican expressed rare public anger Wednesday in blasting the leaking of private papers from the pope’s apartment, a scandal that observers say lifts the lid on a secret power struggle going on behind the closed doors of the Catholic Church.

A top Roman Catholic Church official called the theft of the documents “an immoral act of unprecedented gravity” and “despicable abuse of the relationship of trust that exists between Benedict XVI and those who turn to him.”

Archbishop Angelo Becciu made the remarks to the Vatican’s official newspaper six days after the pope’s butler was arrested for leaking the papers.

Paolo Gabriele, 46, was arrested Wednesday on accusations of illegal possession of confidential documents, the Vatican said in a statement issued three days after the arrest.

With the leaks, the pope’s very ministry “has come under attack,” Becciu said. [more]





  1. Recovering Catholic says:

    This is the best example of why none of the cardinals and archbishops appointed by the last two popes should be allowed to elect the next pope. Their ranks are full of corruption, power hunger and deceit, and the Catholic laity deserve better than what they would get if the next papal election were run in the traditional way. A combination of bishops, priests and nuns should be the only electors. Yes, nuns!

  2. Tony says:

    Let’s face it, the Vatican is all about power and control. Thank God the boys there are only a small part of the Church.
    And then they have the nerve to come down on the American Sisters who are all about living the Gospel.

    • David Tilly says:

      Tony, they may be only a “small” part of the Church, but as you state they are about “power and control” and obviously they use that power and control very well. The only issue they want to discuss is birth control and abortion – they do not want to discuss married clergy, female priests, clergy abuse of minors, etc, etc.


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