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Nuns’ fight with Vatican highlights Catholicism’s global struggle


The charges ranged from promoting “radical feminism” to espousing religious teachings out of step with the Catholic Church. Now, six weeks after many American nuns said they were blindsided by a bruising Vatican assessment, a key nuns’ leadership group is meeting to decide how to respond.

The board of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents the leadership of the vast majority of the nation’s nuns, began a four-day meeting in Washington on Tuesday, with church watchers dissecting the 22-member board’s every move.

It’s a fight that pits church men and against church women, and it could have broader implications for the global church.

One side is pushing the nuns to fight back against a church that they think has lost its way. The other is championing the Vatican against a group of aging nuns whom they say are on the verge of extinction unless they reform.

The powerful Vatican office, the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, launched an investigation for several years. It issued a report in April charging that America’s nuns had largely gone rogue, warning that the American nuns could be a negative global influence on the church. [more]





  1. Mary says:


  2. Peggy says:

    This may be a moment when the Holy Spirit guides both the laity and the Vatican on the proper way to distinguish between helpful prophetic dialogue and harmful “disobedience”. I’m for the former. The ultra orthodox rigidity of the Vatican and conservative faithful seems to be destroying the credibility and vitality of the Church.

  3. Patrick Fabian says:

    Why does every story posted on your site dealing with the doctrinal assessment of the LCWR, depict religious sisters in habits? The vast majority of sisters belonging to LCWR congregations do not wear a distinguishable habit, while those of the second conference, congregations affiliated with the Council of Major Superiors of Religious, universally maintain religious garb. This may lead the reader to incorrect conclusions as to whom this correction is addressed.


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