Family counters flesh-eating bacteria with faith

In the four weeks since his daughter cut her leg in the Tallapoosa River, Andy Copeland has experienced several low points. But nothing was as desperate as a moment in the surgical waiting room on May 4.

A doctor called from the operating room at Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, Georgia, where his daughter was having surgery.

“When your daughter arrived, I was trying to save her leg,” the doctor said. “Now I’m trying to save her life.'”

Copeland felt his legs turn to rubber. His head went light. A hospital volunteer put a chair beneath him that caught him from falling. His wife, Donna, came into the room, and Andy repeated what the surgeon had told him.

“We cried and cried in each other’s arms,” Copeland recalled. “We sobbed uncontrollably for 10 minutes. Then the chaplain came in and I grabbed his hand and I said, ‘Let’s pray.’ ”

The prayer gave them great comfort, but the couple believes prayer has done even more. They believe faith in God has healed their daughter, and they cite her medical progress as proof. [More]