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U.S. nuns group deserves support


Led by Cardinal William Levada, the former archbishop of San Francisco, the Vatican has initiated a crackdown to control the activities of the largest leadership group of American Catholic nuns. If it were not so tragic and destructive, it would be the height of irony that the leaders of the Catholic Church, who are big fans of religious liberty when it serves their interests, now attempt to curtail the freedom and the good work of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

This group represents 80 percent of Catholic sisters in the United States. These are women who do so much of the heavy lifting in our church, especially in education, health care and social services.

The bishops worry that the conference’s positions on homosexuality and the ordination of women will “give scandal,” a mystifying position given that these same bishops have presided over the most serious church scandal in the past 500 years, where thousands of children were molested and hundreds of cases have been ignored or covered up.

A committee of American bishops has been authorized by Levada to revise the women’s group’s statutes, review its plans and programs, approve its conference speakers and examine its affiliations with other organizations, such as Network, a national Catholic social justice group founded by Catholic sisters. The Vatican document is critical of the women’s conference for focusing too much on poverty and injustice while not sufficiently supporting church teaching on abortion and marriage.

But according to Rome, the sisters need not worry. [More]


Brian Cahill/San Francisco Chronicle



  1. Carol Deimling says:

    I doubt that the sisters we see pictured are the type, who would cause us to worry….I have found that those in a habit still value what God wants, not their own agenda.

  2. DonE says:

    When I was growing up, the nuns were very religious and dedicated. They helped guide young minds such as mine. They were probably responsible for more young men entering the priesthood than any other single cause.
    Today, I have seen nuns floundering for an outlet of their passion for Christ. Nuns have become activists in areas where they have absolutely no training and have taken positions that run counter to progress toward actually helping people, the earth, the economy, and the causes these nuns purport to support. These nuns passionately oppose what they think are problems but they don’t have all the facts. I work with power generation and air emissions controls and I know what power plants are capable of and actually achieve. I know the costs of alternate energy generation. The positions of the nuns would hurt most those that can afford it least by driving up the cost of electricity which drives up the cost of everything. These nuns believe in open boarders and that simply telling people to stop using drugs will stop drug gangs from bringing them across our borders. They believe if Americans were simply kinder and gentler, terrorists would not want to attack us. They believe all religions are equal and don’t know the Teachings of the Catholic Church nearly as well as their predecessors. I pray for them.

  3. Recovering Catholic says:

    These hypocritical control freak clergymen should stop interfering with the sisters’ work and start cleaning up their own deviant scandals before trying to take the plank out of the eyes of the sisters.

  4. Eileen Kovatch says:

    Right on Sisters!

  5. John says:

    Too bad the author of such articles don’t read the actual eight page letter. If they did, all the complaints from the LCWR are baseless.

  6. Marilyn Bose says:

    It is hard to believe that nuns can believe they can deal with education, and healthcare and be wrong on the teachings of the Church on LIFE, Marriage, and priesthood.


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