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Some Washington state churches in split over gay marriage


A handful of Roman Catholic churches in Washington state, whose Catholic governor signed a law allowing gay marriage earlier this year, have refused to circulate a petition endorsed by their archbishop to repeal the law, congregation leaders said.

Opponents of same-sex marriage, due to go into effect this summer in the state, have been rallying conservative religious leaders to gather the 120,577 signatures they need by June 6 to secure a spot on the November 2012 ballot for their repeal push.

A bulletin from Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, who testified against the gay marriage bill, and the Washington State Catholic Conference has asked parishes to participate in the signature-gathering effort and “do everything you can to uphold the traditional definition of marriage in our state.”

“We bishops have already made known our strong opposition to the redefinition of marriage, and we will continue to do so,” the letter said. “Because we believe that this issue is critically important, we … have approved the gathering of signatures in our parishes over the next few months.”

But the archdiocese technically left it up to congregation leaders to decide whether to directly collect signatures, and seven Seattle-area parishes have opted against it. The petitions were expected to begin circulating in many churches on Sunday. [More]


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  1. John says:

    Wonder if these parishes ever bothered to open up the catechism or go to the USCCB.ORG website an actualy LEARN what the Catholic Church teaches. Oh that’s right, it’s being mean and who cares if we are tossing souls into the fires of hell. As long as we are nice, God let’s us in to heaven. Well actually no, you have to align your heart to the truth. Unfortunately Gay Marriage, sex outside of marriage, birth control, IVF, and abortion are all outside of God’s love and truth.

    • joan says:

      Gay folks who marry have consciences, just like you, so how dare you assign them to hell! God must love gay people, too, s/he made so many of them….

  2. Michael Joseph Francisconi says:

    Leave good and decent people alone, why do you care when it is none of your business.


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