Catholic nun who is a saviour to Ghana’s rejected children

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Hidden behind a nondescript compound with mud huts in Sang in Ghana’s northern region are some 30 children who presumably should have been dead long ago.

But thanks to Catholic nun Sr Stan Terese Mario Mumuni, they are alive today. One of them who is now at school even hopes to become a doctor when she grows up.

Known simply as Issabelle, the ten-year-old girl was born with a deformity in her legs. For that, a medicine-man in her village pronounced that she was tied to witchcraft and must be killed.

Unlike many before her, Issabelle was lucky to have people from the community who reported her case to the Catholic nun.

She is now part of the 30 children who live happily at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children at Sang, which is over 400 km from Accra in the north.

There is another four-year-old boy who wants to become a teacher and teach in the school he now belongs. “I like to teach because my teacher has taught me a lot of new things,” he told Africa Review.

These young children would have died with their dreams years ago because of a cultural practice that defies any modern understanding. Unfortunately, it is still being practiced away from the public glare and the purview of state authorities. [more]


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