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Catholic Democrats criticize bishops for ‘politicizing the faith’


The head of a national organization representing progressive Catholics said Bishop Robert J. McManus coerced Anna Maria College officials into withdrawing their commencement speaking invitation to Victoria Reggie Kennedy and that the prelate’s intervention was just another recent example of a broader effort by powerful conservative church leaders to move the American Roman Catholic Church to the political right.

“These bishops have one standard for Democrats and another standard for Republicans,” said Steven A. Krueger, the national director of Catholic Democrats. “They are politicizing the faith.”

Mr. Krueger, along with other activists, yesterday delivered 20,000 petition signatures gathered online from around the country to the diocesan offices on Elm Street. The signatories request that Bishop McManus ask the college’s Board of Trustees to reinstate Mrs. Kennedy as commencement speaker.

The small Catholic liberal arts school in Paxton disinvited Mrs. Kennedy, the widow of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, after the bishop raised concerns about the positions she has taken on abortion, gay marriage, contraception and other social issues.

The bishop told college officials he would not attend the May 19 ceremonies at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts if Mrs. Kennedy spoke and received an honorary degree in public administration.

Representatives of Catholic Democrats and Faithful America, a national interfaith group, delivered the petitions — printed on 1,100 pages and stuffed into three large black binders — to Raymond L. Delisle, the diocesan vice chancellor of operations and spokesman, at the chancery.

Bishop McManus was not in his office when the petitions arrived. [More]





  1. Margaret says:

    “In God we trust.”

  2. Raymond J Rice says:

    Killing innocent human beings is a gross HUMAN RIGHTS violation. It is the Kennedy’s (Sen And Mrs.) who have tried to legitimize it for political advantage by distorting their Catholc Faith.

  3. Raymond J Rice says:

    Killing innocent human beings is a gross HUMAN RIGHTS violation. It is the Democrats(like the Kennedy’s) who have promoted this attrocity for political advantage and have tried to legitimize it by skewing the Catholic Faith

  4. Mary says:

    This has nothing to do with politics! This has to do with a Catholic College inviting a speaker to a commencement who does not follow Church teaching. It’s irrelevant what party she belongs to.

    • Tony says:

      As Quoted…..the bishops have a different standard for each party. It would seem the Republicans aren’t as concerned for the well being of life for the fetus in his teens and up as are the Democrats.
      By the same token the Dms don’t seem as concerned for the right of the zygote in the womb.
      So Mary, in a sense it has everything to do with politics.

  5. Tony says:

    I thought the Democratic Party was always more faithful to Catholic Teachings, particularly Social Justice issues. Witness the support of unions and union workers and the many Irish, Italian and Polish Americans counted among their number.
    I think the bishops are using abortion, gay rights and contraception as the litmus test for judging which party is more in line with Catholic Teaching.

    • Peggy says:

      I’m afraid you’re right Tony. How I wish the more progressive bishops would speak with more nuance on political issues so that the faithful could better discern the moral issues behind politics. The Church should be just as vocal on social justice issues the Democrats wspouse as the sexual restrictions the Republicans espouse. When choosing a candidate, we need to consider BOTH, not just one, and decide which comes closest to practical advancement of Gospel values.


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