Jane Lynch finds ‘Stooges’ role a hard habit to break

Do nuns and knuckleheads go together? Most “soitenly” — at least in The Three Stooges: The Movie when it opens April 13.

These sisters have their hands full with the famous brotherly trio of nitwits known as Curly (Will Sasso), Larry (Sean Hayes) and Moe (Chris Diamantopolous), who land at an orphanage as year-old foundlings and spend their entire lives there. That is, until financial troubles threaten to shut down the only home they’ve known.

Among those donning a habit is Jane Lynch, whose Mother Superior is cut from a kinder cloth than her bullying cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester on TV’s Glee. “Beneficent” is how Lynch describes her character. “She cares about the Stooges.”

Although raised a Catholic, she attended public schools — which tend not to be patrolled by nuns. “I do remember when they switched to wearing regular clothes at progressive churches. They looked … well, I didn’t know what lesbian meant back then. I just thought they looked sporty,” says the openly gay Lynch. She did give her character a back story: “Some guy probably broke her heart in high school and she said, ‘I am going to a nunnery.’ ” [more]


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