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Obama Plays His Anti-Catholic Card


Will Catholics vote to re-elect an anti-Catholic president? For President Obama is surely the most openly anti-Catholic candidate for the presidency since Republican James G. Blaine in 1884.

Blaine authored the “Blaine Amendment,” a proposed reworking of the religion clauses of the First Amendment that, had it been passed by the Congress and ratified by the states, would have crippled parochial education in the United States.

As it was, many states adopted their own “Blaine amendments,” which continue to this day to complicate the growth of private schools, including Catholic schools.

Blaine would have objected that he wasn’t anti-Catholic at all, that his mother was Catholic in fact, and that his concern was really just the strengthening of public schools and the maintenance of the separation of church and state.

But his handiwork and its progeny emerged from a vigorous anti-Catholic movement, were quite clearly aimed at Catholics, and injured Catholic institutions, so history doesn’t quarrel with the appellation “anti-Catholic” as applied to the “Plumed Knight,” as Blaine was named at the GOP’s 1876 convention.

From just before that convention to the end of the 19th century, the Republican Party became enmeshed in anti-Catholic rhetoric and politics, just as the Democratic Party has become entangled in that poisonous and poisoning trap in the last quarter-century.

(For a great summary of this period, read “A Mandate for Anti-Catholicism: The Blaine Amendment,” by the Rev. Thomas E. Buckley, S.J., from the Sept. 27, 2004, edition of America magazine.) [More]


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  1. Tom Mycals says:

    What a terrible piece of journalism. Our bishops need to be righteous about something. They have lost credibility on so many fronts. All the best to them

  2. Tom Mycals says:

    What a terrible piece of journalism. Our bishops need to be righteous about something. They have lost credibility on so many fronts.

  3. JakeJones says:

    Who did Jesus hang around with? The poor, the margenalized, women. He would have provided for everyone. No one is forcing Catholics to use birth control. If you don’t believe in using it, don’t. Is your faith in birth control or Jesus the Christ?

  4. Sheila McGinn says:

    Yes, Charles, maybe exactly that. This smear campaign about anti-Catholicism falls into the same category as the garbage about Mr. Obama being a Muslim or not being born in America. Could we get off the ad hominem and focus on the issues for a change??

  5. Thomas Merton says:

    Yes, and this wasn’t known prior to his election? How can you people in the church be so stupid? This is the person you voted for and now you realize what you got. Live with it until the next election and vote more intelligently instead of senselessly. He has always been anti-catholic and you drank the cool aide anyway.

  6. Tom Owens says:

    Amen Charles, Amen. Who is kidding who? who are the thousands crying out against this ruling; not the lay people that’s for sure. People forget Aristotle, Augustine,and Acquinas; their screwed up understanding of Women, Sex, and morality is still being up held by the Vatican, and therefore by the Bishops if they want to keep their jobs. Natural law was unheard of before Acquinas, and certainly not in the early church or the New Testament. Do some reading, and thinking Folks, and remember the primacy of your own Conscience.

    • John says:

      Actually Tom the tens of thousands protesting are lay people. It’s obvious that you have never observed much less participated in a March for Life!

  7. jim francis says:

    This indeed is a crital junture in America. The religion of selurarism under this President vs. Christianity, are entering their final battle. This goverment has shown its true colors and agenda’s. The church as a a moral voice is an obstacle to their agenders. Obama has rolled the dice and is counting on the vase morjority of catholics who are catholics in name only not to oppose him. I pray that between Catholics,orthodox, conserative Protestant Christians uniting together, he and his secular agenders and stopped.

  8. charles bolser says:

    It is possible that he is not Anti-Catholic but neither is he pro-Catholic; maybe he is just for all of the people in their diversity of opinions and values. And perhaps many Catholics disagree with the positions that the bishops hold??

    • John says:

      Oh Charles, how naive can you be? If Obama was for all the people, he would not be governing against the will of the people. He would have not, together with his democrat congress, jam down the throats of Americans his Obamacare.


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