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Dolan Cites Obama ‘Promises’ on Birth Control


Timothy Dolan, a senior U.S. Roman Catholic leader, said on Thursday President Barack Obama “gave me promises” during a White House meeting in November as Dolan pressed the Church’s criticism of a new Obama administration rule requiring health insurance plans to cover birth control.

Dolan, the archbishop of New York who has been designated by Pope Benedict for elevation to cardinal, said he now questions whether he can work with Obama to settle an issue that has erupted into a political controversy.

The rule requires religious-oriented groups such as charities, hospitals and universities, but not churches, to provide coverage for birth control. The Catholic Church opposes most methods of birth control.

Dolan said he met with Obama in the Oval Office in November to discuss the issue.

“I hope he would understand that I’m a bit skeptical because … he gave me promises. So I’m a little skeptical and I’m saying, wow, I hope I can continue to work with him,” Dolan said on the CBS program “This Morning.”

“When I left the Oval Office, where I was very grateful for his invitation to be there, I left with high hopes that nothing that his administration would do would impede the good work that he acknowledged in the Church. I’m afraid I don’t have those sentiments or hope now,” said Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Dolan said he has not contacted Obama since the president called him on Jan. 20, the day the rule was announced.

The White House has said it aimed to strike a balace between Catholic Church doctrine and women’s right to health care. The administration has said it would work with groups to implement the rule but has not backed away from it.

The issue has created a firestorm during an election year, with Republican presidential candidates and other conservatives casting it as an assault by Obama on religious freedom. Church leaders have strongly objected to the rule and urged U.S. Catholics to protest it.

Dolan gave an account of his meeting with Obama. [More]





  1. Thomas Merton says:

    It would seem strange that dolan now cries foul when he was one of obammma’s biggest supporters during the last election. Does the pointy had remove the brain or are our bishops and cardinals just plain stupid?

  2. [...] this meeting Thursday, when he said Obama "gave me promises" on the contraception rule, Reuters [...]

  3. Michael says:

    I meant to say, respect for any catholic who follows the teachings of the church. Of course he has a small flock of liberal nuns who also have no respect for church teaching, thinking that they have been given that power by some goddess, to hold whatever they want with the guise that they’re helping the poor. There are many good sisters, priests and brothers, as well as laity who help the poor more effectively and hold to the teachings of Christ through His Church.

  4. Michael says:

    Meeting with Obama is like Chamberlain meeting with Hitler. I agree with Archbishop Dolan. You can’t trust anything Obama says. He has no conscience or human respect.


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