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Annual San Francisco Walk Draws Tens of Thousands of Pro-Life Activists


Tens of thousands of pro-life activists massed in front of San Francisco’s City Hall and then filled the city’s main thoroughfare Jan. 21, walking about two miles down Market Street to the Embarcadero.

Banging drums, praying and chanting “We are pro-life,” the enthusiastic throngs stopped traffic for more than a mile in a peaceful walk that took about an hour. Abortion rights protesters briefly stopped the walk by pulling orange netting hung with coat hangers in front of the walk, led by a banner that said “Abortion hurts women.” Police who rode bicycles and motorcycles in advance of the walk pulled the abortion protesters out of the street.

An hour before the opening prayer at Civic Center, signs jutted above a sea of people: “Defend Life,” “Men Regret Lost Fatherhood,” “California Nurses for Ethical Standards” and “Thank God You Were Not Aborted.”

“We are here to say life is the choice, and women are hurt by abortion,” said Dolores Meehan, who co-chairs the Walk for Life West Coast, which is held on the Saturday closest to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion.

Eva Muntean, who also co-chairs the walk, urged participants to sign petitions to put a parental notification of a minor’s intent to procure an abortion on the ballot and urged support for a personhood amendment.

At the rally, Dr. Vansen Wong, an obstetrician and gynecologist, told of performing abortions to pay off his medical bills, saying he ended hundreds of lives over the course of seven years working at an abortion clinic.

“Abortion is barbaric, abortion is intolerable,” Wong said, “Abortion has no place in any civilized society.”

A former Miss West Virginia, Jacquie Stalnaker, told of being forced at gunpoint to go to an abortion clinic by her boyfriend and of the toll it took from her life for 24 years. Stalnaker, who is now a regional representative for the “Silent No More” campaign, an organization of women who have had abortions and regret them, urged the crowd to go ask pro-choice acquaintances to go to the group’s website to hear the stories of women who have had abortions. “We are real people with real stories to offer you,” she said. [More]





  1. tom grunzinger says:

    Please visit my free pro-life video song on you tube at grunz2304,as I am the second oldest of 17 children

  2. cheryl says:

    An alternative approach to this problem would be the creation & donation of time and money to orphanage’s for these unwanted children. It boggles my mind why these good Christian people have not figured this out.

    • Ronnie says:

      A better alternative approach is not to murder children in the womb! Who do you think is adopting and caring for those so-called “unwanted” children! And helping their Moms throughout their lives? This is the same old argument for justification of aborion. How many rape victims or homeless do you take into your care? Or people on death row? Please, there are no unwanted children only adults who don’t want them and use violence to eliminate their problems….

    • Ona says:

      They have and they do…It is a two part solution. They protest and they support BIRTHRIGHT and other such organizations

    • charlio says:

      A world full of wanted children IS wonderful! God wanted them so much, He made them each & every one – just for Love!

    • c butler says:

      Money & assistance that goes to planned parenthood should be diverted to assist in parenting classes, child care, education on the barbaric aspects of abortion, so that each child is joyfully received and cared for with dignity & taught valuable skills so they can contribute and participate in this world.

  3. [...] Annual San Francisco Walk Draws Tens of Thousands of Pro-Life Activists [...]

  4. Tommy says:

    We, in the Philippines, will carry this fight to the last of our breaths. The Philippines is for Christ!

  5. Tommy says:

    Abortion is a major sin, causing a lot of catastrophic calamities in the world. It is more than World War I & II combined. It is an abomination before God, the Creator of All Mankind. Abortion is an invention of Satan to destroy God’s beloved man.

  6. tanya says:

    Moving to see so many people. God bless them all, Lord have mercy on this country.

  7. Judith Johnson, FNP-C says:

    But the mainstream media STILL won’t cover it.

  8. Finally more people are recognizing the demonic plans of abortionists and Planned Parenthood (Sangerists) and the terrible effects abortion has on both sexes and the guilt they carry throughout life. More importantly are the poor litte souls who have been killed and had no defense, may God have mercy on those who are proponents of this American Tragedy.


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