Vatican thanks Knights for restoring tomb from old St. Peter’s Basilica

With help from the Knights of Columbus, the only papal tomb transferred from the old to the new St. Peter’s Basilica has been restored.

Cardinal Angelo Comastri, archpriest of St. Peter’s Basilica and president of the office responsible for the basilica’s upkeep, rededicated the tomb of Pope Innocent VIII during a brief ceremony attended by leaders of the knights Dec. 5.

The gilded bronze monument created by Antonio del Pollaiolo in the late 1400s originally was placed in the old St. Peter’s Basilica. Work on the current basilica began in 1506 and the tomb of Pope Innocent was placed in the church in 1621.

Located in the southern nave of the basilica, the monument contains two figures of Pope Innocent: one lying on top of the sarcophagus and the second sitting on a throne above the tomb. On the sides, there are depictions of the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude. The top of the monument depicts the three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity. [more]