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Cardinal George: Chicago Gay Pride Parade, LGBT Movement Could ‘Morph Into Ku Klux Klan’


Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, this week told a Chicago news station that he agreed with a local Roman Catholic church’s objections to the city’s recently-adjusted Gay Pride Parade route passing by its doors and warned that the parade could “morph into the Ku Klux Klan.”

George made the comment Sunday on Fox Chicago when asked about Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s complaints that the parade passing by its Belmont Avenue location would force the church to cancel its morning mass. The church recently launched a petition urging the city to force parade organizers to adjust their plans.

“I go with the pastor,” George told Fox. “He’s telling us that he won’t be able to have services on Sunday if that’s the case. You don’t want the gay liberation movement to morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan, demonstrating in the streets against Catholicism.” [more]


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  1. Camille says:

    I’m an open-minded person. Maybe people are born that way or maybe not. How am I supposed to know? However, the Cardinal was referring purely to “tactics” being used by the LGBT community organizers as resembling the KKK “tactics.” You know something, he’s right!

  2. Sid says:

    As a Chicagoan, I am ashamed of this animal and his remarks. This is not what what this city represents

  3. philip says:

    The offer I was speaking of was our sin/lust. Each time we are tempted to sin becomes a grace when one participates in offering it back to God vs. Acting on the temptation. My drum is beating for conversion for All Sinners especially myself. My thought was we could try to promote “courage” at All gay events.

  4. Mark Andreas says:

    Thank you Cardinal George! Homosexuals as a whole are a group of preditors, who prey on younger men and boys and call it love. They have over the last 30 years adopted the kind of tactics that were used by the Nazis and the KKK, both in their militant public displays and through the media. Anyone who stands in their way is demonized, discredited and physically abused. I have whitnessed it firsthand in Oregon and California. That they should have “pride” in having a mental disorder and practicing one of the worst kind of vices is at best pathetic. Pray for them, but do not capitulate to their disordered wants, or you enable their behaviour. Our children need to be protected from them and taught the truth about them. All one has to do is read scripture, the Catholic Churches teachings on it, and The CMA document, “To protect and to prevent” to know that this group of people need seious help and conversion. 1. They weren’t born that way. 2. It is a choice, just like a heterosexual persons’ choice to engage in sex or not. 3. The orientation is almost always brought about by experiences in their lives, and most often by being approached or molested by another older homosexual. However; Now it is coming from our education system, being taught by teachers that it is OK. 4. They can change their orientation with help.
    I can say with confidence that this is true, as I have helped several men who were in this situation. They changed, and by God’s grace, and sound psychological help were healed and have come to lead lives of virtue. Fr. Harvey’s work is sound evidence of this.
    It is always important to remember that this is about a moral choice of virtue over vice. This applies to anyone who perverts the laws of God and would dare to call vice a good and thus condemn virtue.

    • Tony says:

      We have seen heterosexuals who prey on youngsters and call it love. Some even “marry” young girls only 12 or 13 years old. They often have no regard for commitments and engage in adultery and fornication. Pray for the heterosexual they often have children out of wedlock, they engage in pornography, they are oftern the worst of sinnes. They make a moral choice of vice over virtue.
      Now do you see how rediculous your statements are?

      • Daniel says:

        I think the gist of the matter is that heterosexuals who commit these sins are considered sinners and homosexuals who commit their particualr sin do not want to be considered as sinners because their particular sin is not actually sin. It is something that must justified because it is innate, indeed a sign their “culture”. I don’t know of any heterosexual fornicators, adulterers, etc. who are fighting for their “rights,” but they are sinners nonetheless who need to repent. To say the same of homosexuals is anathema because their particular sin is something culturally innate in their eyes.

    • john says:

      Mark Andreas’ comment reads like one of those games where you figure out the truth by taking the exact opposite of what is being said. As written, there is nothing compassionate, truthful, or even within the teachings of the Church in what he writes. Please go read the Letter to the Bishops that Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in the 1980s regarding the posture of the Church towards gay people, including a call to refrain from malicious statements against homosexuals.

    • Bob Conti says:

      You sir, know nothing of which you speak. Rather, you spew foolish and unsubstantiated lies. The ex-gay estabilshment is a hoax. Perhaps the Catholic Church needs to do some introspection when discussing predatory tactics, since it’s track record is far from laudable.

  5. philip says:

    Okay….now what? What can we do? Conversion never happens at the end of a spear. We won’t convert a movement, but if ONE soul is moved to come back to the Truth, one soul repents, one finds Gods Mercy in his offering up his desires to God, and that my neighbours is One conversion. Is one conversion worth a change in Holy Mass schedule? Let’s pray for the one tonight.

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      Do we give our World to the Lord, or, Our Lord to the World. Yes, 1 conversion, but, not by marching to the beat of a drum different than the Drummer Boy, Pah, Rum, Pah, Pum, Pum.

  6. stand up for true peace says:

    it is not adaM AND STEVE. i wish jeff here read deutronomy. God face to face with Moses called it abhorrent and those oersons are to be put to deathin israel.

    Cardinal George would be the first to say that as a principle gay marriage cannot uphold the nature of the universe that pertains to human. that which is marriage is a union that is mutual and reciprocating in the NATURAL ORDER. Marriage is not simply religion, but religion only recognizes an Uncreated Nature embossed in the human heart.

    Marriage is at first a natural act, like adam and eve a priorii to any Church Santification.

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      Hallo Stand Up, your spelling makes you look Polish, or maybe you drinks too much wine when you write in the evening. Shame on you. Anyway, What is happening with your final sentence….the “natural act.” You write as one infected with original sin. The natural act, the original order of craetion, was supernatural, pure adoration of God. We have a precedent in the Virgin Mary of sinless life: total fecundity, fruitfulness without a supposed natural act. In the words of the Smothers’ Brothers, “What do you think about that?”

      • Shame on you for insulting the Polish People. I am Polish and grew up with being badgered by “Polish Jokes”. You perpetuate that mentality with your insensitive remark implying all Poles are uneducated and ignorant. Maybe Stand Up is a foreigner and is not blessed with perfect spelling. Don’t start what could be a meaningful dialogue with a stupid insult. Your own spelling could use some improvement too. “You drinks too much” should really be “you drink too much”. You also missed the mark on “creation”. Or maybe you were so eager to put down someone’s opinion with whom you disagree that you forgot to proof-read your own comment.
        I do agree, for the most part, with your ending comment regarding the natural act, Adoration of God, the Blessed Mother. But then you go back to being argumentative with the Smothers Brothers remark.
        Also, except for Jesus and Mary, we are all born “infected with original sin”. Even though Baptism cleanses us of that, we are all sinners and should admit it and try to amend our sins before we see the Face of God. Myself included.

        • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

          Hello Paula, Yes, I can see that you are Polish! Feisty. Maybe I am Polish too, and maybe I am not blessed with education and perfect spelling. I saw similarity between myself and the first commentator. Thank you for your agreement where offered–here and elsewhere. As for the Smothers Brothers, I was simply referring to the Refrigerator Repair Man song. I was not being argumentative, I was being lighthearted on heavy topics… especially the one related to Scripture. I challenge you to find and hear the Scripture read. The longer forms are usually not read, similar to how closing songs at many Catholic Churches (other than Polish) will often stop singing before the last stanza, the one that usually honors the Blessed Trinity. Ya?

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      Stand Up, you must be a comedian. The Cardinal DOES NOT wish the death of anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a subtle twist. Are we ready to turn the matter back to Authority of God, and representatives he has established in the one Church? If the pastor speaks in Truth, that is the voice we should obey. Bravo for the parade changing it’s time. But, what does it promote? A twisted adulteration of the sin of one of Noah’s children? Bah Humbug! It is to those of Goodwill that Peace is given. God bless us, Everyone.

  7. Daniel says:

    Homosexuality is defined by sex. It is defined by a sexual act. It cannot be defined by marriage. It cannot be defined by children. And it cannot be defined by love. It is defined by a perverted sexual act. Were sex not involved the relationship would be a “friendship”. Homosexuality is defined by sex. Heterosexuality is defined by God.

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      Daniel, you are mistaken. People, developers of language, make definitions. Homosexuality results from confusion of gender roles and how we are created. Homosexuality is not defined by a sexual act; homosexuality is defined by people who do not understand how they are created. Language is subject to the mercy given us to understand and communicate, not a book, not history, not sex, not sin. Would care to engage in a discussion related to fertility and creation rather than a diversion from the Authority of God, our Creator?

      • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

        Andrzeji, you forgot to mention that people use definitions to control…to control fear, to manipulate, to escape. No human words could capture the wonder of the birth of the Christ child over 2000 years ago. There is one Jesus…seeing Him, let us be caught up in love of things unseen, in Praise and Thanksgiving to His Father, to Our Father. This God, this Creator, is revealed to us with a gender, a Headship. See the Holy Scripture no longer read in Catholic Churches….it is God’s word, not that of His representative: New Testament of the Bible, Gospel of Luke, chapter 9, 26; also I Corinthians 14: 34-35. All you theological unions that have adulterated the Word of God, eat crow.

        • To the last commentator to Andrezej lanowicz: I was in agreement with you until you said “See the Holy Scripture no
          longer read in Catholic Churches. . .” You obviously have not been to Mass, or are inattentive when you do go. The Mass is full of Holy Scripture. If one goes to Mass every day for three years all of the Bible, i.e. “Holy Scripture” would have been heard. Maybe YOU should also eat crow for your ignorance of the Catholic Liturgy. Merry Christmas and a more informed New Year to you.

          • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

            Yes, I remain inattentive at Mass and pray, especially if the pastor gives a homily that makes the sheep comfortable and luke-warm in faith. Barf. Perhaps you were surprised by reading these Scriptures: Gospel of Luke, chapter 9, 26; also I Corinthians 14: 34-35. Basically, it means that women should not be reading Scripture at Church. God says that… and really, do you think a woman would read that in the long form. No. Women are proud today, men moreso. Let us all be healed by the baby Jesus in the next 24hours. Amen.

    • Bob Conti says:

      Says you. Of course, millions disagree. You really know nothing about same-sex relationships apart from the talking points that you’ve adopted with nary a critical thought.

  8. philip says:

    Shift a gear. There is a great opportunity to Promote a positive heartfelt group called “courage” during this march. This catholic outreach to this community is What Jesus Would Do. Please consider checking the Chicago area chapter out, and then Invite Them to stand in front of the Church with contact info.
    This group focuses on virtue building, especially living a chaste life. Thank you, in advance, for someone in Chicagoland to move this idea forward.

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      What about the desire of the pastor of the Church whose services become jeopardized? Let us first admit that there is an Authority. After that, the discussion and benevolence of action will be known. Do you accept that a Creator made us all? If so, we are subject to the Goodwill and intentions of this Creator. If we reject this Creator, and the limits set upon us by being creatures, we necessarily accept the consequences. Let it be. But, I need one person to agree with me. After that, we shall see. And, if there is rejection, then let it be what is destined for Chicago. A wave? Is that what you wish? Lake Michigan is a mud puddle. It shall be cast up greater than unrepented sin if there is not conversion, now. You decide. It is all a Mercy, just as our Creation, just as our existence. We have a Creator, let is listen and respond in Truth. Without it, with compromise, we invite a Severe Mercy. Amen.

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the greatest act of Mercy in which we can participate. Yes, let us support every person that lives a chaste life. It is the example of Jesus, it is the example recommended in the Bible. But, who is listening? Cardinal George? Hello! You reap what you sow. Choose. You have the authority and the power. What will it be? I am nobody. The message, not the messenger, that is what is important. But, I assure you, in 1990, I watched Chicago inundated. It is now 2011. 20+ years of Mercy…and now, how can people not see that all Mercy that comes is in Judgment? Powerless, Andrzey

  9. Jude says:

    Pathetic, sick, parade people. agree with Tony.

  10. Jeffreycal says:

    Really! The KKK comparison is a bit much. Gay people are already vilified by Catholic officials. When will this discrimination stop so that gay people will not have to protest their God-given blessing of “gayness”. The fear tactics of the Cardinal sound like the Hitler fear-mongering against the Jews in WWII. How sad!

  11. Bill Brown says:

    this is is obviously an in your face movement

  12. Elcy says:

    The KKK lynched, castrated, and burned people. They were domestic terrorists. To equate the LGBT movement with that is a huge tactical error on the Cardinal’s part – it will not serve his interests in the least.

    • Joe W Maccrthy says:

      ok take a close look here… there was no “equating” just a comment about NOT becoming an anti-Catholic group. Speaking about NOT becoming something in the future is by defintion not equating the two. Please read more carefully.

      • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

        Okay, Cardinal George has severe limits. He has an IQ which the world admits is praiseworthy. But, Triumph belong to God alone. The Cardinal deserves our respect, not flippancy. Oui? Tak? First God, then our neighbor. First the beam in our own eye, then that of our neighbor. Judgment is not forbidden to Christians. We are to judge those in our own house (The Church), for we will also judge angels; but, lets get real. Cardinal George’s words are bigger than his own. Let us respect his role as giving guidance; and please, in faith and reason, do not insult his intelligence. He has the humility to accept what is written here and could not deny it–especially after mistakes in San Francisco regarding prophetic admonishment about letting rights for gays spread across America if he allowed it in Chicago. He was weak then. Not so now. He has the blessing of leadership to understand the consequence. Why do you think he takes such a humble stand now? He has read carefully; he has also listened carefully and been true. [Propehcy, by the way, is not--Biblically speaking--for those outside the Church. Prophecy is for believers]. Period.

  13. Jim says:

    Gay pride parade organizers are motivated by a deep need to coerce public acceptance, yet insist on behaving in ways that thwart this desire. A perfect example is the intent to disrupt Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. Chicago is a big city in which to define a parade route, and there is no need for this stupid decision. That is, unless the agenda also includes the need to hurl an “in your face” insult at the Catholic Church. This seems to be the most plausible explanation.

    P.S.: I am a gay Catholic faithful to Church teachings and I find this action disgusting.

  14. charles bolser says:

    If the facts be know, they have already adjusted the time of the march so as not to intefere with the Mass Schedule.

    • Tony says:

      If they have already adusted the time of the march so as not to interfer with the mass schedule, what’s the problem?

      • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

        Jude and Tony, it is not a matter of interfering with Mass. We face a societal recognition of SIN. Sin is re-figured into something Good. Sin is not some idea; Sin kills Jesus, Sin hurts a person. Sin is not ideological, it it real and hurts; it hurts a person, God.

  15. Tony says:

    Keep urging the city to readjust the parade, and have the mass.

  16. JMJ says:

    If the Cardinal is talking about hate, then this is a good compression, but, he should have said so, as his statement can only cause confusion in the weak minds of politicians as it has been shown. To misuse the word “gay” is sinful & should NEVER ever be used in this manner. Tanya mentions respect; but of course we know that this group doesn’t even know what respect is or what it means. Peter says it so well in his comments. These people need prayers, just as the rest of us sinful people do. +JMJ+

    • Andrzej Ianowicz says:

      Why not warn participants of the parade that they will fall sick, rapidly and with putrifying flesh, if they block the Mass–an even drawing mercy upon them? Shall we not prophesy to the degree of our Faith! This suggestion is a Mercy, not a curse.

  17. Maureen says:

    I agree with the Cardinal. I have worked with several gay people and only one has been kind to me. I write to the local press defending Catholic teaching on homosexuality and have been mistreated because of this by gay individuals.

  18. Peter Shute says:

    I totally disagree. Have the morning Mass. Pray for the conversion of the gays to God’s perfect plan of purity. Gays are our Heavenly Father’s children too. He weeps over them. The Mass that day should be for their salvation. Jesus loved them enough to die for their sins too. Homosexuality is not the unforgivable sin. Show Love to all sinners ( all of humanity) but hate the sin. I pray the Love and mercy of our Heavenly Father on everyone, especially at this special time of our Savior’s birth.

  19. tanya says:

    I agree too. Let’s see if they show any respect.

    • Jeffreycal says:

      And when will Catholic officials begin to respect the rights and dignity of gay people. This IS a two-way street! Certainly those who claim to be Christ’s church need to retract the hate mis-information they have been guilty of, including this comparison to the KKK.

  20. Tony says:

    I totally agree with the Cardinal. The LGBT movement is a blight on society just as the KKK was/is.


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