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Arthur Skinner would slash billboard again


A Whangarei man who slashed a controversial billboard of the Virgin Mary says he would destroy it again even if it meant going to jail.

Arthur Skinner attacked the billboard outside the Anglican church of St Matthew-in-the-City, in central Auckland, with scissors last Saturday. It showed a shocked-looking Virgin Mary clutching a positive pregnancy test.

Yesterday St Matthew-in-the-City Anglican church, which was responsible for the image, told Mr Skinner they would not be replacing the billboard and police had confirmed they would not be laying charges in relation to the incident.

The $300 Christmas billboard was erected last week to raise discussion about Mary’s circumstances coming into Christmas. Mr Skinner, a member of an organisation calling itself the Catholic Action Group, described the Renaissance-style picture as “satanic” and said he would not hesitate to take the same action.

“The Virgin Mary is sacred, you do not blaspheme her image. Yes, absolutely, I would destroy it again.

“Even if it meant going to jail,” Mr Skinner told the Advocate. [more]


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  1. Jack says:

    Seen out of context, the billboard might appear outrageous. And to some extent it is.

    However, in a context of a young very secular country, I’m not so sure that making people think is necessarily such a bad thing.

    Even before Arthur Skinner and his team began a protest, and Arthur ultimately destroyed a part of the billboard, there was a lot of discussion about Mary, the Church, the Virgin Birth etc.

    These are not the normal sorts of discussion that are held on Talkback radio and secular press, so while on one hand the billboard is outrageous, in a sense Mary’s “yes” to God, least in today’s world has become a very public event and got people talking.


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