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Vatican, SSPX close to agreement?


SSPX's Monsignor Bernard Fellay meets Pope Benedict XVI

The Vatican is close to an agreement with the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) that would regularize the status of the breakaway traditionalist group, according to a report in Le Figaro.

Jean-Marie Guenois, the veteran religion correspondent for the French daily, predicts that a September 14 meeting between the SSPX leader, Bishop Bernard Fellay, and key Vatican officials will lead quickly to a resolution of the split that began in 1998 when the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordained 4 traditionalist bishops without permission from Rome, resulting in the excommunication of the SSPX leaders. Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunications in 2009, but the bishops and priests of the SSPX remain under suspension. That suspension could be lifted, and the SSPX given formal approval by the Holy See, under the terms of the agreement the Figaro writer envisions.

The Vatican and SSPX recently concluded a series of talks on theological issues, designed to identity the points on which the SSPX questions the teachings of Vatican II. According to Le Figaro, the proposed agreement would state that the issues raised by the SSPX are not fundamental doctrines of the Church, and it is possible to question them without challenging the authority of Church teaching. [more]


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  1. GREG SMITH says:

    If it is truly possible to question something so central to the Church as Vatican II “without challenging the authority of Church teaching,” cannot those of us who question the ban on women priests or the Vatican’s pronouncements on gay adoption, civil unions or marriage also do so?

    • William L McCaughey says:

      Vatican II was a pastoral council by its own definition. It was not a doctrinal council and, supposedly, did not contradict anything that had been decided at the last great doctrinal council (Trent). Since the ordination of women and the sinfullness of homosexual relations has been a part of Catholic discipline from apostolic times, I really don’t see what you are getting at! The SSPX is merely questioning whether certain interpretations coming out of Vatican II are consistent with the time tested Magisterium of the Church down through the ages.


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