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Interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay after his meeting with Cardinal William Levada


At the conclusion of the meeting that Bishop Bernard Fellay and his two General Assistants had at the Vatican with Cardinal William Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on September 14, 2011, at 10:00 a.m., the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X answered our questions.

How did this meeting go?

The meeting was conducted with great courtesy and with equally great candor, because for the sake of honesty the Society of St. Pius X refuses to evade the problems that remain. Moreover the theological discussions that took place during these past two years were held in this same spirit.

When I stated on August 15 of this year that we were in agreement on the fact that we did not agree about the Second Vatican Council, I also made sure to explain that when it comes to dogmas, like the doctrine of the Trinity, we are quite obviously in agreement when we find them mentioned in Vatican II. One sentence must not be taken out of its context.  It is to the great credit of our theological talks that they seriously examined and elucidated all these doctrinal problems. [more]





  1. GREG SMITH says:

    If my former Archbishop were approched by Call to Action, Roman Catholic Womenpriests, Women’s Ordinatioon Conference and Catholics for Choice and asked to “dialoge” with him and “negotiate” matters of faith and morals, I somehow don’t think he could find the time. Same with these guys. It should be noted that as misguided as they may be, at least the aformentioned groups arn’t led by dispicable anti-Semites.

    • William L McCaughey says:

      Greg, I have known a great many SSPX priests and I have yet to meet a “despicable anti-semite” such as you describe. Christ came to seek the salvation of all humanity, and it is sinful to harbor uncharitable thoughts towards anyone. Incidentally, I have personally met Bishop Fellay.


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