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A Prayer at Ground Zero


On the tenth anniversary of September 11, James Martin, S.J., returns to the spots where he and his brother Jesuits ministered in the days following the attacks.


America Magazine/You Tube



  1. One of the acrylic paintings I have done is of “Ground Zero”… I have never been there. A friend took an amazing photo and gave me permission to use it. This is a wonderful explanation and it helps me fully appreciate why I was so motivated to paint it. Even though it was an inner knowledge of the site until I heard this presentation.

  2. Alan Vonnahme says:

    A wonderful piece. I am a Catholic school theology teacher and it worked wonderfully for a 9-11 prayer service! Thanks!!

  3. Dave Melley says:

    Dear Father Jim, Having read a number of your books, I was glad to see you in this short video. God bless you for the work you did on those days. The image you spoke of as the people working as if in the heavenly vineyard was powerful. I’ll spend some time with that. Blessings, Dave Melley


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