Sister to leave convent for the first time in 84 years to meet the Pope

Sister Teresita will leave her convent in central Spain for the first time in 84 years this week

She has spent every day of the past 84 years inside the walls of her convent in central Spain.

Now though 103-year-old nun Sister Teresita will finally emerge into the outside world on Friday for a very special occasion.

The nun will meet Pope Benedict XVI during his visit the Spanish capital of Madrid to celebrate World Youth Day.

Sister Teresita is a member of the Buenafuente del Sistal Convent, which is located around 60 miles north of Madrid.

She has been a resident at the convent since April 16, 1927. This, by coincidence, is the same day that Joesph Ratzinger – now Pope Benedict XVI – was born.

The convent’s mother superior, named only as Maria, said: ‘She said she thinks she will make the trip with her eyes closed, so that nothing will distract her.’

Sister Teresita is a minor celebrity in the area around the nunnery after a book was published detailing her life inside the convent.

In the book, titled “What is a girl like you doing in a place like that”, she is quoted as saying: ‘Who can spend 84 years in a convent without being happy? Of course I’m happy.’

She adds in the book that she was encouraged into the Church by her father, who said that it was a way for them to escape extreme poverty.

She claims that when she entered the convent she only had a vague idea of what life would be like and that over the years she found happiness.

Sister Teresita’s visit to Madrid comes as thousands congregate there to welcome the Pope.

Pilgrims will camp out under the stars in an area the size of 48 football pitches ahead of his visit, which begins on Thursday. [more]


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