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Catholic university punishes InterVarsity Christians for removing homosexual officer


The Jesuit-run Marquette University has punished a Christian group for dismissing an officer after he revealed himself as a practicing homosexual, reports Jeremy Kryn for LifeSiteNews:

Last Friday, Marquette political science professor John McAdams blogged about the outrage of the Jesuit-run Catholic university initially suspending its InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter.

The suspension has now been changed to a probation.

McAdams indicated the suspension was imposed because of the chapter’s dismissal of “an officer who ‘came out’ of the closet as homosexual, said he was involved in a homosexual affair which he would continue,” and made it clear that he disagreed with the organization’s interpretation of Christian teaching about homosexuality.

Today, Director of University Communications Kate Venne confirmed to LifeSiteNews why the campus chapter was placed on probation.

“The probation results from a finding that the chapter violated its own policies and procedures in dealing with a complaint,” Venne said. “This failure and the lack of clear communication regarding why action was taken caused significant personal hurt and resulted in allegations of discrimination.”

She added, “Marquette expects all student organizations to adhere to the university’s Statement on Human Dignity which ‘recognizes and cherishes the dignity of each individual regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability or social class.’”

In his Friday blog post, McAdams said that Dean of Students Stephanie Quade has reversed the initial decision to suspend the campus chapter. In addition to the current one-year probation for upholding Christian moral principles, McAdams reported that InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will have to submit to a review of their constitution.

The Harvard University alumnus said that the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship mobilized a letter writing campaign in support of its actions. While Quade acknowledged receiving a large number of emails, she denied that they had a role in her decision to reverse the suspension. [more]





  1. terry paul says:

    good for the university. that organization operates with the consent of the U. When it screws up the U can/should respond. Love the sinner not the sin!

  2. Penelope P. Catt says:

    My grandson is going to a Jesuit High School. I hope that he’ll be smart enough to attend a Franciscan University. Perhaps there, he’ll learn to save his soul. God is God, we’re not! He makes the rules (10 Commands not suggestions). He heads the Supreme Court, so let us error on the side of caution. That way we cannot ultimately lose. (eternal life)

  3. John says:

    Honestly, we don’t know the full story. If it turns out the organization did not follow its own rules, then yes, the action taken was correct. However, if the organization did follow its own rules and the University failed to accept the outcome, then their action was wrong.

    In addition, this is a CATHOLIC instutution that should be supporting ALL of the teaching of the church. Being inclined towards homosexuality is not wrong, but engaging in homosexuality or any form of sexual contact outside of marriage is immoral. Whatever the rest of you post makes no differnce to me, I know the truth, I know and understand the teachings of the church, and I accept them 100%. If you have issues with the teachings of the church, you have two choices: leave and continue to darken your soul and turn your back on God or accept the teachings and seek out a greater understanding of those teachings and pray for the grace to accept them.

  4. dolores jarrell says:

    Questions: Did Marquette not know about Intervarsity’s stand on homosexuality? What was the nature of “the chapter violating its own policies and procedures in dealing with a complaint? Does Marquette’s policy on Human Dignity re sexual orientation include reference to sexual behavior or have they given up on the Catholic differentiation between inclination and behavior>?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Catholics ‘punish’. Too believable of any governing institution. Before stones are cast, read what L.T. Johnson writes in his Living Gospel about Scripture & ‘homosexuality’.

  6. Charles Bolser says:

    Good for Marquette Universitiy – they hold to their principals of human dignity and the Sacred contained in all of creation – within all of humanity and the diversity of life.

  7. Tony says:

    Let’s stop with the witch hunts and Nazi tactics. We need to accept everyone where they are in their journey. We can gently present our view and if what we have to say is valuable it will resonate with the individual. I suggest that the Church has a lot to learn about sexuality, stright and gay.


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