FINAL WINNERS! Our Give a Friend CathNews contest

Many thanks to everyone who sent us the names of friends they’d like to invite to subscribe to CathNewsUSA. We received a LOT of new names to add to our email list. In fact, the contest was so successful that the Freshman Survival Guide publisher donated an extra signed copy of the book so we can extend the contest another week. Now that the extension is over we’re happy to announce the following is the final list of winners who will receive an autographed copy of the Freshman Survival Guide:

fbutel, Anthony LoPresti, Joan Kress and Jennifer

Thank you to everyone who participated…stay tuned for more contests here at CathNews USA

So, if you have friends you’d like to introduce to CathNewsUSA you now have an extra week (until 12:01am est, Tuesday July 26) to give someone the best of Catholic media in the US and win a chance to help a student survive freshman year in college. [CONTEST NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED -ED].

Do you know someone heading off to their freshman year in college in a few weeks? Do you want to help spread the word about CathNews USA? We can help on both counts.

CathNews USA is partnering with Hachette Book Group to give away three (3) signed copies of The Freshman Survival Guide, the first guide to college life that deals with the whole student. There are many guides for getting into college, choosing a college, getting good grades etc., but The Freshman Survival Guide—brought to you by the editors of Busted Halo—is the first to treat the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual lives of college students as intimately connected aspects of their overall success. (See a brief video trailer for the book below.)

In order to win one of the three signed copies of the book just send us an email with the names and email addresses of any friends you’d like to introduce to CathNews USA’s daily email list (please put the word CONTEST in the subject line). For every legitimate email address we receive you will get one entry into our random drawing. There’s no limit to the number of entries you can make, as long as each friend you suggest is new. (We will only use the address for the purpose of inviting your friend to join our daily email list. It will not be shared with any third parties.) Send us the names and addresses of friends you’d like to invite via email at Contest runs for two weeks from 12:01am (est) on Tuesday July 5, 2011 to 12:01am (est) Tuesday July 26, 2011, so make sure you enter today!

See full contest rules here.


Here’s what they’re saying about The Freshman Survival Guide

“Every freshman needs to read this book…Lively, sensible, provocative, insightful and even fun, the book offers time-tested wisdom for the body, mind and spirit.”
James Martin, S.J., author of The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything

“The Freshman Survival Guide” is the most comprehensive guide for college students. It will help them keep their faith and find their path. If you are preparing to send a student to college, this book is a must read!
Fr. Martin Moran
Executive Director
Catholic Campus Ministry Association

“Strikingly clever… The newest members of any college community will find in this guide a wonderful blend of down-to-earth advice and answers to the deepest of life questions. I can not think of a better gift to give a son or daughter, a niece or nephew, a godchild or grandchild who is heading off to college.”
Michael Galligan-Stierle, Ph.D.
Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities

“The FRESHMAN SURVIVAL GUIDE is essential reading. Filled with real life advice from college students and chaplains, whether you are wondering what to do about sex and dating or how to hang on to your faith after leaving home, this book will help you think about those major issues that aren’t on the campus tour, but that can make or break your college experience.”
Donna Freitas, author of SEX AND THE SOUL: Juggling Sexuality, Spirituality, Romance And Religion On America’s College Campuses

“It takes students quite seriously, and, in addressing their issues, speaks their language candidly, frankly and honestly. I suspect a lot of us will say, “I wish I had said that,” and students will say “I’m glad the Guide did.”
Charles Currie, S.J.
Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities

“Who am I, Why am I here? What do I believe? What should I do with my life?” These questions and more are explored in the Freshman Survival Guide. It is filled with practical advice from teachers and students alike — a rich mine of material that will enlighten and challenge all those who participate in this extraordinary experience.
Dr. Anthony J. Cernera
International Federation of Catholic Universities

“In the 21st century, young people from diverse faith traditions are interacting at a higher frequency than ever before — and it’s often on college campuses. The Freshman Survival guide helps illustrate how to engage and understand this religious diversity to build the all-important bridges of cooperation rather than barriers
Dr. Eboo Patel,
Executive Director
Interfaith Youth Core

In today’s turbulent waters, everybody needs a life-line; for college freshmen, McGarvey and Bradbury-Haehl are offering one that’s reliable, smart and engaging. The practical guidance is fresh and open, reminding the reader that whether the issue is dating or homesickness or study or religious diversity, there are always options. Years after college-graduation, I prize their advice: “shed your skin, but keep your skeleton.” I’ll send the book to friends with this advice: Read it. Trust it. Use it.
Michael Gilligan
Henry Luce Foundation

College students arrive on campus with impressive resumes and advanced academic skills. Many, however, do not have the ability to confront the profound questions of meaning, values or spirituality that will face them as they enter the adult world. This book makes an important contribution to helping college students navigate these defining moments.”
Wayne L. Firestone
Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

“Imagine that you are 18 and have just been dropped off at college. Your folks waved good-bye, tears in their eyes, and now it’s all you. What do you do? I know! You get online or go to a bookstore and you buy the book, “The Freshman Survival Guide,” because I swear it covers everything. I so wished I had a resource like it when I was sweating it out my freshman year”
Therese Borchard
Catholic News Service

“I love this book. Why?  Point of reference:  I am a mother, a high school counselor, and a college survivor.  I read this book like I eat at a buffet.  I picked and chose chapters to read.  Almost everything I read was right on the money for me as a college student those many years ago.  What I didn’t relate to that our kids will – is the technology issues. Every graduating senior who is college bound should have a copy.”

-A Musing Reviews