Dublin’s Archbishop snubbed from Vatican abuse symposium

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Too radical in the methods used to combat sexual abuse of clergy. The Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland, Diarmuid Martin was not invited to the meeting on pedophile priests that is due to take place in February at the Vatican. Monsignor Martin is a bishop who is not loved by all departments of the Roman Curia due to his intransigency and excessive public visibility in sex scandals.

An approach which to many seemed an execution and not disrespectful of the guarantees of the accused. The Archbishop of Dublin is not included in the list of speakers invited by the Holy See for the conference on sexual abuse by the clergy to be held in February. In the European episcopate, Monsignor Martin was one of the main supporters of the “hard line,” recently reiterated in an interview with the New York Times in which he criticized the “slowness” with which the Vatican has continued the apostolic visit to the Church of Ireland in order to evaluate what measures should be taken to solve the problem of pedophile priests. [more]


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